Sunday, March 13, 2011

What a difference 20lbs makes.....

Okay so I was going to save this little surprise for next Saturday but I hit the 20lb lost mark!!! I was so excited, to see that this morning...  I am now 181.5lbs!!!  Can you believe it?  I know I can't I am so excited and just can't believe that I have lost 20lbs!  To be honest.... I didn't think I could do it, I had no confidence in myself.  I thought, like all the times before that I would once again fail miserably and fall flat on my face.  But this time I pushed myself, I pushed hard.  I had my moments were I thought I was failing and I had my moments were I thought I would never loose the weight that I was always destined to be a big fat ass for the rest of my life.  I hit the 20lbs lost mark! I looked at my before and my now photos and realized what I difference 20lbs makes because when I look in the mirror I looked the same.  But now today I hit the 20lb mark and when I look in the mirror... I see a difference, I look better, I look thinner.... I feel better, I feel thinner!  
I also got my hair cut and dyed yesterday. So now when I look in the mirror... I actually smile instead of wincing,  I actually admire what I see instead of cringing.   My transformation is not complete, I still have at least 20lbs that I want to loose but at least I am finally happy with myself!   Of course I may be annoying the hell out of my husband and family... But that's okay  :) 

Have an Oh So Wonderful Night!


Mike said...

Great job!!! Congrats on getting to the 20lb mark. I just started my workout/exercise this morning...and I cannot wait to start shredding the pounds!

Ashley said...

oops...I left you a comment on my husbands account! lol