Monday, April 25, 2011

No More Excuses!!

I'm full of excuses, and you know what my main excuse is? I'm exhausted, I have no energy, I'm on my period, I'm sick, my knee hurts.  You know what?  I am getting sick and tired of excuses.  Today I intended on exercising, I really did!  I put my exercise clothes on early this morning and I stayed out of my room, even though I soo wanted to take a nap I did not!  I got up put clothes away, and then began helping my mom clean the house.  I straightened up bed rooms, cleaned the bathroom, did a few loads of laundry and yet I still didn't exercise.  I kept telling myself I'll get to it but I have a few more things to do first.  Then I needed to print pictures, you know because now we dont get them professionally done so I had to print out our new family picture and the pictures of the four girlies together.  Then the Easter candy "called to me",  "eat me" it said "you know you want some chocolate, oh and how about you finish the ice cream you got from the cold stone creamery the other day?" So I did, I induldge I ate the things I shouldn't be eating.  I ate the things that cause weight gain.  The things that while dieting are forbidden foods.  You know what though?  I enjoyed every minute of it!  And of course felt total guilt afterwards (not to mention a belly ache, and no I didn't eat it all at once! haha)
I was looking in the mirror today wearing my exercise gear and my Navy sweater, I wasn't upset with what I had seen but I was upset with the fact that I let myself get full of excuses.  I've been stuck at the same weight for a while now and I have a goal to reach, obviously making all these excuses aren't helping me reach my goal! 
I know I have the will power in me to do this, I know I can do this I made it this far, and only I can help myself make it to the end!  No one can keep you from reaching your goals and dreams except for you!  There is no one stopping me from reaching my goals and dreams except for myself!  So from now on there are no more excuses! I am done with excuses!  So tomorrow is another new beginning of sorts!  I can't wait still I reach my goals and well I am done waiting...

Its on life Donkey Kong!

Have an Oh So Wonderful Night!

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