Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sucking it in Sunday - Week 17

17 weeks down! 

Starting Weight: 202.2 (1/1/11)
Current Weight: 178.0
Total Weight Lost:  24.2lbs!

Starting Measurements: (1/1/11)
Waist: 42.5
Hips: 45.5

Waist:  37.0
Hips: 40.5
Total Lost: 5.5in off waist, 5in off hips!

I had some rough time over the past two weeks.  But at the beginning of this week I came to the realization that all of the problems that I was having loosing weight were all followed by excuses, really stupid excuses too.  I realized it was time to get rid of all the excuses!   NO MORE EXCUSES! It time to stop letting things get in your way.  You and your excuses are the only thing keeping you from reaching your goals.  So I got back at it this week, Tuesday was the start of no excuses, and the day was great until dinner.  Unfortunitly I had gone over my calories I knew I wouldn't loose any weight, especially once I realized I had went over my calories because once that happened, I began comfort/depression eating.  Yeah I'm one of those types of peeps, always have been.  I was on the right track in week 15 but then things began going downhill but I'm on the right track now.  I'm still doing the 30 day shred, only did 5 days of level 2 my knees were hurting just way to bad so I began level 3 and decided to do 15 days of level 3 instead of 10.  I am on day 5 of level 3.  I swear Jillian loves squats and lunges just way to much!!  My knee is still hurting but I bought a brace and it seems to help with the pain while I am wearing it.  So like I said No More Excuses, I'm not gonna let my knee get in the way of loosing weight and getting to my goal I will just have to take things just a little bit easier for a little bit.
Now if you follow me on or facebook or twitter (if you dont you should!) you'll notice yesterday I was down to 177.5 now I don't know if this was fluke or I actually gained .5oz since yesterday but it happened.  Thats okay because I am still; working my way down and its still better then were I started out at the beginning of this week (181.0)  so I have still lost weight this week and I am happy about that!  So are you ready for the before and current pictures?  well here goes....

1/8/11                                   4/30/11

 1/8/11                        4/30/11

Some days I feel like the current picture or even smaller and some days I feel like the starting picture.  But no matter what I am making progress and thats all that matters right?  Weight loss is a struggle, but you gotta learn to roll with the punches and keep going!

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!


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Wow! The pics are amazing, you've lost a lot of weight! Congrats.

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