Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Were does the time go?

Sorry its been a few days.  This change in weather has got me all messed up.  It was wonderful to have the 80 degree weather the other day but going from cold to hot back to chilly, just totally messed me up!  Not to mention its that time of the month.  So I am just totally screwed up right now.  The weekend wasn't super busy but we did go visiting and spent some time with some great freinds on Sunday.   I took a new picture of all the girls would you like to see it?  I'm sure you do :)
Aren't they cute?  You know thier cute!  I wish I would have gotten a more professional picture but we were on our way out the door and my mom needed a picture of them.    I need to get my equipment out and take some pictures of the kiddos but I have been so tired, especially lately.

proof that my not even 8 month old daughter is standing and attempting to walk.  The kid thinks she is old enough and stable enough to walk and is constantly letting go of the furniture and and falling.  She has learned that she can lean up against the furniture and let go.  Its amazing how fast she is learning to get around.  She wants to walk so badly!  She doesn't realize that she doesn't have the balance or complete strength yet, but she is getting there.

Kids grow so quickly don't they?  I've got an almost 8 year old who will be in 3rd grade this fall, I have a 5 year old who will be starting kindergarden in the fall, I have a 2 1/2 year old who is finally potty training and doing so well with it, and a baby who will be 8  months in 2 days, that is trying to walk already!! 
I gotta go baby girl is tired but refusing to sleep...

Have an Oh So Wonderful Night!

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