Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sucking it in Saturday - Week 14

Wow I have actually kept at this for 14 weeks!  (okay I did take a break here and there, please forgive me)

Starting Weight: 202.2 (1/1/11)
Current Weight: 179.9
Total Weight Lost:  22.3lbs lost

Starting (1/1/11)
Waist: 42.5
Hips: 45.5

Waist: 38
Hips: 41.5
Total Lost:  4.5 lost on waist, 4 lost on hips.  Now if your comparing to last week, then yes you'll noticed that the numbers are higher.  I am a bit bloated this week, thanks to mother nature! (have I ever mentioned that I hated her?)

Jillian Micheals is a brute!  Okay maybe I shouldn't say it like that but the women can kick arse, Mine in particular!  The 30 day shred is defiantly intense!  There is no breaks 20 minutes of non stop exercising that is completely tiring!   But today my freinds is my 8th day on the shred and going strong (okay maybe not strong, maybe more like just going (haha).
Now I have a bit of a confession to make.  Looking at my pictures below you can indeed see the difference between when I first started an now.  But you know what?  When I look at myself in the mirror I don't see that transformation, I don't know why but when I look in the mirror I still see the girl from day one when I first start.  Isn't that messed up?   But anyways I am sticking with it and shredding it out with Jillian these days.   I hope to see some results soon as far as muscle tone goes but I have noticed results on the scale and I am happy with that.  I have noticed however that I am able to actually keep up with the push ups, when I first start 8 days ago I could barely get through the push up portion of the exercise and that was doing it the easy way.  But now although I am still doing the push ups the easy way I am able to actually keep up with the other in the video and get through it without stopping.  I guess that proves that my strength is improving. 

For your enjoyment (ha) I actually took before and current pictures this week so here ya go..

1/8/11                            4/8/11


How are you doing?  Are you struggling or breezing right through it?

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!


Becky @ From Ministry to Motherhood said...

You look great! It's totally normal to not notice any changes in yourself. I don't either. I only notice when I see pictures of myself too.

Way to go on 8 days of shredding. I hate that video. It's so hard. Worth it, but hard.

Jessica said...

I'm with ya on the not seeing a difference part. I know a lot of my friends and even my hubby can see a difference, but I guess because I am not at the weight I want to be at, I am still not happy with the way I look. Seems like I've been struggling for the past month, but I am still pushing. I've noticed that I lose more when I work out twice a day, been struggling lately to stay under my calories too, I don't go much over, but seems like even the littlest bit I gain 2 pounds. You are doing great and looking great lady! Keep it up. I love reading your Sucking it in Saturdays!!!!

Super Lady said...

You are looking great! Congratulations so far and lets keep going!