Thursday, May 5, 2011

The blame is soley mine!

I had every intention on coming on here and getting all mad at Aunt Flo and Mother Nature, because I've been so hungry lately and I've been eating a lot, more then I should.  I had every intention of blaming it on the fact that I will be getting my monthly visitor soon and that is why I have been so hungry.  I even started a post like that.  But the only one to blame here is myself! I'm the that is giving into the hunger, I'm the one that is allowing myself to eat whatever I want, and while the food is delicious, its also horrible for me and I am not doing myself any favors.  The one excuse I have been making is that I have not been exercising because of my knee.  It hurts constantly now, unless I am wearing my brace.  I guess I need to just suck it up and get back to exercising or suck it up and get it looked at by a doctor.  If I continue at this pace I will never get to my goal by my 30th.   I can no longer continue what i am doing I need to get my will power back.  Were did it go?  recently my mom hit a weight that she liked and she to began eating more again and stopped exercising, because she was happy finally and got comfortable being a bit smaller then normal and I think that is what happen to me.  I got comfortable and a bit happy that I had finally lost over 20lbs.  But all I am doing now is sabotaging myself to succeed farther. So today I jump back on that damn wagon once again, I pull myself up with pride and also with disappointment (in myself) and say I F'ed up but I'm done F'ing up!  I'm done letting myself do this to myself, I'm done letting myself eat whatever I want.  Isn't that what No More Excuses was all about?  How could I start something and give up so quickly?  I hang my head in shame right now,  I have shamed myself.  I hope I have not disappointed all of you? I tried to be motivating, I tried to give you all the confindence and the push to do what you were trying to do, and I gone and screwed up!  But no more!!  Please forgive me?  I'm back and better then ever!  I am so proud of everyone who has continued on and are loosing weight and exercising and doing all that you have intended on doing! You are doing great, Keep at it!

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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Sarah said...

Girl, we've all been there. I broke down yesterday and had a TERRIBLE food day. The best thing to do is just take it one day (or minute, sometimes) at a time. And don't beat yourself up!

You can do this!