Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From my phone..

Let's see how well I do at this post as I am typing it on my phone! Don't you just live technology? I do! (most of the time). I have not been on my computer much lately mainly because I can do so much from my phone now and if I have unlimited data plan and I'm paying for it them I'm gonna use it!! You would figure I would prefer to use the computer but I have gotten so use to the portability of my phone! It's hard to go from one to another, when I pos on my blog I normally do it from my computer but today I am being lazy and just don't want to get it out. I'm tired/exhausted confused and irritated, upset and did I mention tired? Yes defiantly tired!
The kids are out of school and boy did we start the summer vacation off with a bang? We've been almost constantly arguing with my almost 8 year old daughter. For some reason the last day of school she came home with a massive attitude and has been back talking and argumentative ever since, not quite sure were it came from either. Them to make it so much better she has decided on a daily basis to ask me to take her to he beach, one most of the days have not been that warm and two I'm not taking for children to the beach by myself during the summer!
Oh and as lovely as that has all been my two year olds sleep schedule is all jacked up (she was up a 3 am the other day and ready to begin the day!) I have no clue how it got so messed up maybe it's because she refuses to nap most days! The 5 year old is whining even more then normal but that's probably because her older sister is annoying the he'll out of her and anyone who gets in her path!! Wow I guess that just leaves the baby huh? Yeah she hasn't been to bad to deal with.
As you can see I've been having a rough time, just letting the stress of parenthood get to me I guess, I'll get through it but sometimes I just want to lock myself in my room and block it all out! Don't you? There's not shame in saying it gets to you, there's also no shame in saying that your kids aggregate you because I don't care what people say nobody's kids are perfect life is stressful and there is no way. Your family is always 100% happy and perfect and if you think that way then you are in complete denial!! I hate to say it like that but I have seen people complain on Facebook and such saying they hate seeing people complain about there kids but if you think about it, one I love my kids to death, but they are my life and my job if you can go on Facebook and twitter and complain about your job I can complain about my job!! Right?? Exactly!! So shut your pie hole!!

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!!
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Jessica said...

totally agree!!!! I only have one, and she has me so exhausted most days that I can barely stand myself LOL I don't know how you do it with 4!!!! I am def not looking forward to when my daughter develops her attitude. LOL

Catrina said...

And being a girl you know how girls act but being a mother you totally forget how you act and its like your seeing these attitudes and problems for the first time. Its totally crazy I think.