Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Body Art....

Well I did it I got my girlie's names tattooed on me .  Things didn't go exactly as previous planned so once they heal I will be trying to see if they can lighten them up a little bit so they are not so dark.  But other then that I am Happy with it.  It's not a bracelet like I had thought before.  I have 2 names on each wrist and a little heart with an S inside between each name. 

I'm glad I had it done although I really wish I would have thought things through a bit more because it caused a lot of conflict between me and the Hubby.  I know you don't often hear people say it but I screwed up!  I mess up, made assumptions, and didn't consider my Hubby's thoughts or feelings on the matter.  I feel horrible for it all and wish I could change the way things panned out but I can't take it back now.  This is honestly the worse thing I have ever done since me the Hubs have been married, I am definitely paying for it now. 

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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