Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Almost ready to say goodbye....

I think I have pretty much gotten my WordPress blog ready to go ( I think...).   But I am just not sure when I should make the switch.  I'm mean this is happening all so suddenly, change is happening so quickly and I guess I am just a little afraid to leave my Blogger home here.  I guess you can say I'm scared.  Will I like it over at WordPress or will I come to realize that I made a mistake and want to come back to Blogger?  Will I find WordPress just to complicated and want to come crawling back to my easier Blogger home?

I guess I am afraid to somewhat start all over...  I hope you all will continue to follow my blog.

I think I will be making the big Move on August 1st. 
I will post a link to the New blog of course so that ya'll wont have to search for me but yeah I think August 1st I will begin my WordPress advanture...

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Catrina.

YOu have approx 387 posts on blogger. If you will migrate to Self hosted WordPress (new domain), it may affect your search ranking. Instead I would suggest you to take a custom domain first and park it on blogger for a month atleast, once its indexed you can go to Self Hosted WordPress.

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Baby Favors said...

I will wish you best of luck .Keep on posting good posts.Almost all your posts are informative.