Saturday, July 30, 2011

Maybe Bringing SIIS back...

I am really disappointed in myself,  I've gained some weight back.  I really hated seeing that on the scale.  When I was staying at 182.2lbs I was okay because I still was stuck at 20lbs lost. But I'm not there anymore, I gained 5lbs and I am so not happy with that! I need to get back to Sucking It In Saturday (SIIS) but I just don't have the energy to exercise right now. So I am going to start by watching what I eat again.  Thats a start right? I know that is my biig problem and why I have been gaining the weight back I haven't been watching what I am eating and I have been shoveling in the food lately.  I am always hungry, maybe thats because I am just not active and need to get myself more active. All I know is I need to do something, I can't continue to eat the way I have been eating and laze around like I have been.  Somethings gotta give, I guess it will have to be me.

So Welcome back to Sucking It In Saturday!

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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