Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So yesterday I turned the big 3-0! Omg 30, I'm so old now holy cow I'm 30!! Haha not really I actually don't see it as a big deal, I don't see why 30 is a big deal to most people, maybe I am in denial about my old-er age or maybe its everyone else around me that makes something no so significaint into a big deal.  Either way I don't get it.  But... and this is a big BUT.... Its one of those milestone Birthdays were you get to have a party and celebrate being "over the hill" and as depressed and upset as I was before that I didnt think anyone would even acknowledge my birthday, is how surprised I was that my family threw me a surprise birthday party!  I was indeed surprised and I had a great time, but at the same time I was truely and honestly upset by the fact that certain people chose not to show up.  I don't celebrate my birthday every year so its not like it was just another party, like I said its was a milestone birthday.  I know for some it was obviously difficult for them to show up because well it was the 4th of July weekend and they were no were to be found because they went out of town.  But for some they had no real excuse as to why they chose not to show up.  They couldn't take a few moments out of the day to come celebrate with me?  I know I shouldn't let these things bother me because the people who truely care about me showed up.  But the ones who did not... I thought they did care about me and I guess it hurts and stings to come to the realization that they don't care about me. 
But aside from the disappointment I did have a good time with my true freinds and family! We hung out, we talked, we jumped on the tramoline (haha yes I jumped on the trampoline!!) 

So here is to the big 30!
Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!!

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