Tuesday, December 8, 2009

5:30am are you kidding me???

So I guess no one informed my little butt monkey daughter Kara that mommy doesn't like getting up before her alarm goes off. Yesterday she decided that she would wake up at 6:30am and today decided that 5:30am was much more suitable for her. I normally don't wake up till 7:30am (so that I can get Devin ready for school). Normally when she wakes up that early I am able to just give her a bottle and she will go back to bed, either that or she will go into her jumper and watch some early morning blues clues, but not today that was not good enough for her mommy had to take her down stairs to were her toys were so that she could play at 7am, or maybe it was the breakfast bar she was waiting for that she devoured as soon as I gave it to her. I am so ready for a nap right about now, but is she ready for a nap, heck no she's not! she is running around like a chicken with its head cut off, throwing toys around the living room, trying to turn off the Rudolph the red nose reindeer movie that Brooke is trying to watch. Maybe someone should tell Brooke to back away from the TV since she is almost on top of it! (trying to keep Kara from turning the TV off). Do you have a child that criticizes what you watch? My darling little TV critic does. If she doesn't like what you are watching she will turn the TV off, so of course if the Fresh Beat Band is on the TV doesn't get touched, I wonder how she would react if I just walked up to the TV and turned it off when she was watching her shows? I'm guessing not to well.

Yesterday we decided to do some more Christmas shopping we went over to Target and got some more Christmas gifts, and I hate to admit it but we let Kara pick out 2 of hers, Okay she's 1 I doubt she is going to remember that she picked them out for herself, the one we didn't even give her a choice she just walked up to the shelf and grabbed it! I'm actually getting really excited about Christmas this year, I can't wait for it to get here! well okay it needs to at least wait till we have finished getting the rest of our gifts. I got another gift for David since the Butt went and put his other gift on his truck already! He just couldn't wait...

We're thinking about switching phone services, unfortunatly that means we have to pay to get the other turned off since our contract isnt up till 2011, but come on you would get pissed to if you dropped calls all the time like we do. We are looking at Verizon, "Can you hear me now?" they do have the largest network, ok so thier contract pricing isn't that great but then again as the sale clerk said yesterday they are not know for price competition, they are known for thier service. Why do thier best phones have to be so damn expensive? We have looked into a few, I really like the Blackberry Storm 2 but its expensive, and David found the Samsung Omnia 2, that phone is pretty freaking sweet but again out of the price range we want to spend, so it looks like we will be settling on the LG EnV 3 and the LG EnV Touch. Can't wait to go get them Wednesday (David had to order his since they didn't have a boy color in). I hate that we are switching Phone services we have had T-mobile for over 7 years but they just don't have very good service out here were we live and since these are our only phones we need them working all the time!
Well I think its time for Butt Monkey to take a nap, so I am off to take a nap myself!


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