Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fatty Mcfat fat......

Ok so I know that I am preggo and I know that I won't be trying to loose any weight for at least another 9 months (ok a little less) but do any of you follow The Heir to Blair? Oh My she totally took the words out of my mouth (if I was actually that good at speaking about this kind of stuff.... Go over here and check out one of her latest post about body after baby.... If you have had kiddos and your body didnt pop back to its size 2 (shoot I would be happy with size 10 at this point) Then you know exactly what she is talking about! How do those Mommy's do it? No I am not talking about celebrities, its only obvious how they do it! How do those real mom's who don't have ass loads of money to pay for a trainer to exerise your ass 4 hours a day (again were do you have time to take care of your kiddo when you exercising for that long?) Is it in the jeans, I can tell you now one in my family every got back down to thier prepreggo size after having a kid (well maybe my aunt might have she definatly seems like she may have lost alot of weight after having little Dimitri). I just know after having 4 kids and gaining 30lbs with each and only loosing 10 or so after each one I am no were near were I want to be! But I swear with this pregnancy and child things are going to be different! I thought after I had Kara I was going to make sure I breastfed (which I gave a try for sure) but she had issues latching and then she got jaundice and had to be hospitalized which made it worse. But this time I will try everything I can to get this little bundle to breastfeed because I know that will help me loose the weight (yeah I know not all of it, I wish that would happen) but at least it will help in the weight loss, right?
I know alot of it has to do with working out but damn having 3 girls and one that is a pain in the butt going to bed (and waking up in the middle of the night too!) My energy has gone down the drain (along with my figure).

Have a great Day!

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Nicole said...

If you need any support at all with the breastfeeding for this little one, I am here for you. Breasteeding a preemie was really tough for me at the beginning, and out of all my mommy friends and mommy clients, I don't know ANYONE who didn't have some challenges to overcome. It is so important to have a good support system when the time comes :) Happy New Year to your Family!