Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goodbye Peace & Quite

Okay so Kara has been having issues going to bed at night lately, I finally got her to go to bed at her regular bed time last night can we say HALLELUJAH, But..... there's always a but isn't there? Now today she is refusing to Nap! I know she is tired (she's got the classic baby tired signs) but she just does not want to go to sleep, I even switched her room around to see if it would help. We've been trying to get her to nap for an hour now and she is just now going to sleep...
Its been kinda peaceful around here the last couple days, Devin and Brooke have been at their Great Grandma's, they come home today..... So let the noise begin, let the fight commence, the the whining continue..... Is their a way to keep sibling rivalry at bay? If there is a way please some one tell me, and while your at it let me know how to keep them from whining over not getting their way? I can't even deal with it anymore... Lately I've gotten to the point if you want to whine then go to your room because I don't want to hear it, I don't want to deal with it!
Okay no more negativity... I think I am just going to have a discussion with them and hope (and pray) that it works and helps them with their behavior.

The hubby called me last night (like he does every night when he is away) I love talking to him every night, and I know his job is all he knows right now(since he goes to work, leaves and goes to dinner and then back to the hotel for bed) but I don't want to hear him talk about it for 50 minutes. I think I was able to talk about what I wanted to talk about for a whopping 3 minutes.

Am I boring you yet? Probably, again that is why my blog is called My Oh So Boring Life.... Trust me if I get some excitement going on ya'll will be the first to know, but everything is basically routine around here.

Have a Great Day!

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