Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What is the world coming to?

As most of you readers know, (if you read my first blog) We live with my parents, and the reason for us living with my parents is one because we wanted to either sell or rent out our house we needed more room for us and our family, and obviously now more then ever since #4 is on the way. Our Renters screwed everything up and could not pay rent on time so of course the mortgage didn't get paid and the foreclosure process started. We didn't care we hated that house! Our children were constantly sick when we lived there and it was small and just a huge aggravation in our life and our marriage. So we didn't care if we lost the house. The neighborhood was going down hill... Our neighbors were all a pain. Just around the block there were two drug houses (thankfully one ended up moving) and the house across the street constantly had kids over there that like to cause problems for the neighbors (like vandalizing cars). We had attempted break-ins to our house through out the 5 years we lived there, but thankfully they were always scared away by our dog (who is very protective of his home). After we moved out we continued to go and check on the house from time to time (since its still in our name) and every time we went there it seemed like the neighborhood got worse and worse....

And it finally got that bad..... Click here you can see that a young man was shot to death, The part that scares me and gives me relieve at the same time is that this house was 2 blocks from our house, we use to walk by this house during our walks. I am so relieved that we no longer live in that neighborhood, even if it meant ruining our credit for a few years, to me especially after this it is well worth it.

Why does it seem like people are becoming more and more Violante? I worry about my childrens future with the way people are now a days. It scares me so much the way people are. It seems like more and more all you hear about is children being kidnapped, raped and murdered, people are being murdered all the time. What is with all this violence? Do these people need a hug or something is this why they have issues? I just don't understand it! It scares me and hurts my heart the way people are anymore. Sorry to make this post so sad but it makes me sad to see so much violance I don't want my kids exposed to this!

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