Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our first night in a big girl bed....

Last night was interesting, ok not exciting or nothing but different trying to get our
14 month old to sleep in a big girl bed.

So eventually I had to actually lay with her, in the first picture you will see a large pillow on the floor next to her bed, I sat on that and layed my head on her pillow with her and held her hand (which she normally won't do but I think with this new experience she accepted it). It didn't take to long till she was fast asleep (of course it was already 10pm so she was pretty tired). It probably was not a good idea to take a picture (since the flash could have woke her up). But I risked it, yes her head is covered by the blanket, can you believe just minutes before I actually uncovered her head and she covered it back up by the time I go my camera? And yes her little legs are dangling over the edge but I did not dare move her in fear that she would wake and start crying.

She woke up a few more times after this once I am guessing she rolled out of bed (or woke up) because she was at the door crying, I put her back to bed and layed with her once again, she was out within seconds. At about 5 :30am I heard a little cry and walked into her room to find her laying in a ball covered with her blankie on the floor next to her bed, I don't doubt that we will experience this quite alot for the next few weeks as she gets use to sleeping in a big girl bed. Devin use to sleep behind her bedroom door every night until we went in and moved her back to her bed. Were was I? Oh yeah so I put back in bed changed her diaper and gave her a bottle and back to dream land she went....

At 7:30am when Devin woke up for school I found Kara like this in the picture below.

And at 9:30am I went to check on her and she was almost in the same position as the picture above but moved over slightly with her binkie in her mouth. She woke up rolled over and smiled at me. So I guess for our first night in a toddler bed my 14 month old daughter didn't do to bad. Now nap time might be another story all together though.....

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