Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello Junior!

I would like to interduce you to Junior. Junior is 9 weeks today. The picture is a little blurry so its hard to see that that there really is a head and body and not just a blob. Actually when you are looking at the picture in person you can see were the leg is (or has) formed. Junior is Due August 20, 2010. Yeah we got some time till we actually meet Junior and at least a few months till we find out if Junior is a boy or a girl. My first appointment with my new doctor wasn't to bad a normal prenatal check up, went over some history and already discussed doing NST's (non stress tests) starting around 30 weeks (like I had with my previous pregnancies due to the loss of my first child). She didn't order any blood work, which I thought was kinda weird but that could be due to the fact that she asked if I wanted STD testing and I said no. I know I haven't been with anyone else for over 8 years and (as far as I know) neither has the hubby. At the end of the visit I asked the receptionist about getting a bag that they give to the preggo's and she happily gave me one and said if I wanted I could get one at every visit, I laughed it off until I got in the car and realized I may want one at every visit. In each little messanger bad is a 32oz bottle of premade similac formula! Those bottles are like almost $6 at the store! I know I plan on breastfeeding but it wouldnt hurt to stock up just in case those plans fall thru now would it? The bags are cute little bags (not to big) and we decided that they might be perfect for over night bags for the kids. Oh I forgot to mention an awesome point (well for me at least) with hesitation the doctor prescribed me some medication for my nausea!!! (they don't like giving meds during the first trimester if they don't have to). So that was my appointment in a nut shell.

Have a Great Day!

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