Wednesday, January 13, 2010

She my oldest what can I say!

So you see this cute little face? She is very excited about something, can you tell what that something is? Come on just take a guess!

Well you taking to long so I will tell you......

Devin is missing both her front teeth! She lost her first one just a few days after Daddy left for Maryland. Monday night we realized that the other once was ready to come out. Now let me tell you first that Devin will not and has not pulled any of her own teeth.

Her first loose tooth Daddy took a piece of dental floss and wrapped it around the tooth and in less then 2 minutes the tooth was out. Her second loose tooth kinda went the same except Mommy is the one that pulled it. Her 3rd loose tooth when it went loose I tried to pull it but it wasn't quite ready enough so we let it go for a few days and then tried again, it was stubborn but we got it out with pretty minimal tears.

Look I can fit my tongue between my teeth!

This last one was an extremely stubborn tooth, we decided that Daddy was the one that was going to pull the tooth this time. Because she gave me some issues with that 3rd one. So Daddy began trying to pull it but Devin put up the biggest fuss about it. For some reason she thinks that its is okay to move and giggle when you have a piece of string (dental floss) attached to her tooth. He tried to take it slow but it was hurting her and taking forever! So I told him just yank it already, which he did. This tooth just wanted to give us trouble from the start (but trust me this thing was extremely loose and we didn't want to risk it coming out in her sleep). She freaked out but mainly because it was bleeding but once the bleeding stopped she was pretty much okay, so we let her give it a try (there wasn't much left to pull) she just wasn't pulling hard enough so we took drastic measures......

I grabbed her hands and legs, and Daddy tickled her, in the midst of tickling her he yanked and the tooth came out!! It took and hour and a half to get that stubborn tooth out! My mom asked her afterwards so did that hurt and Devin tells her "No". Are you kidding me it took us and hour half to pull that tooth while she cried that it hurt and what do you know she tells us it didn't hurt! She is a silly little girl! She was so thrilled when it came out as you can see by the huge smile on her face.
Afterwards she had to finally finish her homework. I am just so proud I had to share this with you all!

At Parent teacher conferences a few months back (I believe October) the teacher tells us, that Devin is a joy & a smart little girl! Her only issue that she has is that she afraid to ask Devin a question because she will give her a story to go with her answer and not just give her a simple answer (that's my talker!). Well back at this time she said that Devin was a level 12 reading level (I remember in kindergarten she was a level 5). Well she gives us a chart and tells us at that time (during the conference) that they expected the kids to be a level 5 and didn't expect them to hit level 12 till March of 2010, Devin is now a level 13! I am just so proud of her that she is doing so well in school! I love when she comes home on Friday with her weekly news letter and at the bottom the weekly progress report says that she had a great week! (its always a relief to know that she doesn't have issues at school, if only we could figure out how to stop the issues at home, lol).

Have a Great Day!

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