Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How was your weekend?

Wow its been a few days since I last posted huh? Not a whole lot going on here. The Hubby has been layed off so we have been spending alot of time together. Over the weekend we went to his parents house, Unfortunitly I spent most of the time trying to sleep. The doctor gave me anti nausea medication and it was causeing me to completely pass out yeah you heard me correctly Friday as I was trying to cook dinner I was just couldn't keep my eyes open, I finished cooking dinner and didn't even eat it I went to the couch and fell fast asleep. The Hubby tried waking me up for 3 hours and it just was not happening! He was finally able to wake me up at 8pm. I woke up, ate my dinner (finally) and then went back to bed till the next morning were I kept falling asleep on the couch until Kara went down for her nap and then I slept till 11am. Come to find out, extreme drowsiness is a severe side effect of the medication. I called the doctor but they said I should be fine and not to worry about it. But of course I am going to worry about it, how am I suppose to take care of my children if I can't stay awake? Thankfully my family has been very helpful!

Sunday we didn't do much of anything, well the hubby went to his brothers to work on his race truck ( I bought him a new carborator for it for Christmas). I on the other hand mostly relaxed, I wasn't feeling to well I tried having a cup of pop and there was just to much carbination and it caused me to have a really bad upset stomach. When hubby finally got home and we ate dinner, we took the kids in the basement and played Super Mario Bro's Wii. We are trying to be beat the game the right way (getting all the gold coins in each level, did you know that there is a world 9 once you beat the game? You have to get all the gold coins in each world to play the levels in world 9, it takes forever when you are trying to get all those coins we have finally made it to level 7 but we are missing some coins in level 6. I'm sure you don't want to hear about us staying up till 1am playing video games do you? We also spent all day Monday playing to but it was nice because the kids were playing (and watching us) while we played.

The hubby got called back to work today, but we don't know if it will be a one day job or longer. He was just getting use to staying home. I told him, it maybe boring to stay home all the time but you get so use to it you just don't want to go back to work.

Kara has been doing pretty good sleeping for the past week or so and of course the night that I go to bed early and need to get some sleep (because I have to get up early to get Devin ready for school) she decides to wake up 3:30 in the morning and fuss until 5 am! I kept her in her bed because she can't get use to waking up and watching tv every morning (which is what I use to do). So she messed around for about to hours fussing and such, why couldn't she just play with her toys that are in her bed quitly so I could sleep? So yeah now I am tired and need a nap, Maybe I will take one since she is sleeping in this morning (you would to if you were up for 2 hours in the middle of the night!)

Have a Great Day!

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