Saturday, January 30, 2010

ABC Blocks and Lobster...

I was sitting on the couch this morning feeling really sick to my stomach and I looked over at Kara at noticed her playing with alphabet blocks, now you may think well whats the big deal. The only reason to me this was amazing is because she rarely plays with them unless one of her sisters open them for her and then all she does is throw them around, So I continued to watch her play with her blocks.
She was having a blast as you can see here.

and here....

then she started trying to stack them

She had her issues with them, and they kept falling but she had fun, at least long enough to were I could video tape her stacking her blocks

ain't she so cute! I love when they start doing more things other then throwing toys around.

On another note, For me a good note but for someone else a sad note....

I'd like you to meet Larry the Lobster (my dad named him that)

He doesn't exactly know what is about to happen.

Either way as you can see he isn't to Happy.

But Larry is about to meet a pot of boiling hot water...

I wish I would have gotten a picture of Larry after he was done taking his boiling hot bath. As you can see Larry is a tint of blue that is why I picked him because he was blue. There was another nice looking lobster in the tank his shell was so red that it looked velvet. But he was a big bully trying to beat all the other lobsters up in the tank and I didn't want to bring the meanie home. But anyways after Larry was done with his bath he was completely red. Okay you may be reading all this and thinking, this chick is nuts! Well we have never bought a live lobster and cooked it so this is a first for me...... lol

Have a Great Day!


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