Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm So Excited....

I just can't hide it.... LOL get it haha, yeah I am hilarious I know. Okay I'll get to the point now.

Have you heard of PTPA Media? Come on I am sure you have especially if you follow Jen over at Mommy Brain at least that is were I heard about it because she became a Mommy Tester on the Panel of Mom and Dads at PTPA Media. Well I was trying to get on the panel as well but I have no clue how the heck to sign up for that but guess what I got the next best thing! I got accepted to be and evaluator! I'm excited I can't wait to get my first product to test and evaluate! Now its just a waiting game till they need me.....
I was so geeked to get my little email today that said Welcome to Our New Testers!! from PTPA Media this morning!

Okay so I know its not a real job but hey I get to keep what I test so at least I get compensated in a way!
So yeah I just had to share with everyone, now I have to go take Devin to her Ear Doc appointment, So I'm Outta Here! Peace! (haha)

Have a Great Day!!

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