Thursday, January 21, 2010

Night #2 didn't go so well.....

Well as the title says, night #2 didn't go so well. Actually that is an understatement night #2 went Horrible!!

When I first put Kara to bed she did just fine took her bottle and fell asleep right away. When I put her sisters to bed she didn't wake up, and me and the hubby were even able to go to Meijers (with my mom keeping an eye on the kids) and she never woke up. But as soon as we got home around 11pm and got ready to watch the movie Paranormal Activity, Kara started fussing.... I went to her room gave her binkie and covered her back up. Seconds later she was crying again.... So I went into her room and layed down with her, played some of her bedtime music (her musical toys) and rubbed her eyes...... Nothing! So I got her another bottle (which I hate doing so soon after she went to bed) she took it and I went and started watching the movie, again she woke up! So I went to her room layed with her some more.... again nothing! I eventually ended up changing her diaper and giving her some water.... still nothing! After tireless efferts (and missing pretty much most of the movie) I figured out to take the bottom cushion of the chair in the office and set it up against the edge of her bed to keep her "closed in" like she was with the crib. She just does not like having an open bed she wants to be closed in but its to dangerous to keep her in her crib. So for now we will use the cushion and then maybe this weekend I will go to the store and buy her a bedrail.

On another note, my nausea hasn't been to bad today. Other then the fact that I haven't been to hungry and have only had an carnation instant breakfast drink and a pear and its quarter after 3. I would like some taco bell but no one wants to go and get it for me. What ever happen to the supportive husband that goes and gets his pregnant wife whatever she is craving? Do those kind of husbands exsist anymore? I may have to go get it myself the only problem is I need to get Devin from the bus stop in 45 minutes and I don't want to go out right now (yeah I know I have time) but damn I get stuff for people all the time! (even if I am tired and don't want to leave the house. Oh well I guess I will just bitch here and pout around the house..... LOL

Have a Great Day!

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Alyssa said...

That reminds me so much of when our daughter made the transition from crib to bed. It was REALLY hard, but we had to do it. She had climbed out, also. The only advice I can give is stick with it; it gets better. Propping the cushion against her bed sounds like a good idea.

My mom (the "Maven") keeps bugging me to find out if you've seen the answer to your question and if it was helpful...leave her a comment, please, to let her know. Thanks. It's under "Ask the Maven".