Friday, January 22, 2010

Who needs sleep?

I can sure tell you I need some sleep I am exhausted (more then ever)! Night number 3 started out alright she went to bed just fine, she stayed asleep, only waking up once and my mom put her back to bed, she cried because she wanted to door open. No problem, so she left the door open. The hubby and I were busy playing Super Mario Bro's Wii finally at about almost 11:30pm I (well we) decided it was time to go to bed. I checked on the girls (as I do every night) they were all tucked snuggly in thier beds. I thought to myself great we are going to have a wonderful night I was even thinking about the great post I was going to post today about the wonderful night we had. We went to bed (around midnight) but around an hour or less the hubby woke me up, I'm sure you can guess for what *wink, wink* So when we were finally ready to go to bed, around 2am Kara started to fuss ok it wasn't a fuss.... She was standing at her bedroom door, full on screaming! So I picked her up and put her back to bed, she decided that this wasn't going to happen. I fought with her for an hour, before my mom told me to go to bed since I had to get Devin up for school and she was already awake so she would take care of Kara for me. I finally layed down around 3am and fell asleep. It felt like a very short time before I was awoken by Kara making noise and my mom telling her to sit down. I looked at the clock and it was 5am! What the hell is she still doing up? (I thought to myself) I went downstairs to find my mom sitting on the couch and Kara running around the living room. I grabbed her up, My mom got mad at me "you need to get some sleep go to bed", " mom she needs to go to bed to 3 hours is long enough for her to be up in the middle of the night this is ridiculous!" So I took her upstairs, of course once she relized what was going on she was not happy about it. I layed her in bed only to have her fuss and cry. I turned on her Violet leapfrog dog, and told her to go to bed! It was set for 2 minutes of bedtime music, she got quite but as soon as that music stopped the crying began. So I turned it on again this time it was set for 5 minutes, yet the same thing happened. I firmly told her to stop the crying and go to bed (yeah I was pretty damn frustrated and pissed at this point) turned that damn dog on for 10 minutes this time. she finally fell asleep at around 5:15am!
I'm so damn tired!!!! Waiting for the hubby to wake up so he can watch these kids and I can go back to bed for a while. I don't know how much more of this not sleeping I can take!!
We think though that we may have the problem figured out. Remember about a month ago she was having issues sleeping at night? Well I think with the change of the bed and her sleeping in and not getting her second nap during the day that she is overly tired which is causing her to wake up (yeah I don't get it either) so instead of letting her sleep in today I woke her up as soon as Devin left for school and plan on putting her down for her first nap by 10 am, maybe this way she will be able to get her 2nd nap by 3 or so and then actually sleep through the night!!! Wish me luck, I need it.....

Have a Great Day!!

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