Monday, January 25, 2010

Beds, Pears, and Letters

I apologize now for the messiness of this post I have tried to fix it to make it look more presentable but it keeps messing up!

So as you have been reading we took the front off of Kara's crib after she fell out of it. We had some issues for a few nights, its starting to get better but, if she doesn't get enough sleep during the day we have issues at night. Yesterday she had some issues with napping since we were not home. Problems occurred at about 3am but mostly I let her deal with them on her own.

in this first shot this is the set up for her crib we had to make her more comfortable she wanted something to make her feel more secure and this worked. (for the most part).

And this is her set up now. She is in a toddler bed. (Brooke's to be exact), for now until we switch the rooms around and put Kara and the crib (for the new baby) in the office Brooke will be sharing a bed with Devin. Kara does a lot better in the toddler bed with the bed rail (which we bought on Friday).

So the other day I was "trying" to enjoy a nice juicy pear, when my daughter realized I had food. So of course she had to try it. And after a few silly faces.

She decided that she really likes pears and wanted it all to her self and stole it from me, and I no longer had my nice juicy pear.

She walked around the living room eating MY nice juicy pear, watching the Fresh Beat Band, and posing for the camera.

She really enjoyed eating my pear until she was nice and sticky!

After a while we decided to practice saying Spongebob and Backpack. I tried to get her to say pee pee but she refused. (The next day we went upstairs and were in the bathroom and she walked over to the toilet and pointed to her baby toilet seat and said pee pee, Now if only we could actually get her to go pee pee in the potty!)

After that she decided to try and play with Daddy's phone.
Then as she was watching TV she stood on her baby doll (or we like to call chunky baby). I just hope this isn't the way she tries and treats her new baby brother or sister.
She decided to she wanted Mommy's water so I undressed her because I new she would make a mess. At this point she was finished with the pictures.
course with all the pictures of Kara I had to get some of my other two cuties, and Brookie was more then pleased to pose for a picture.
Devin on the other hand needed some much provoking to get this smile as she was cleaning up the toys from the kitchen table.

I have been trying to take more pictures lately to share with you but with Devin at school and Brooke always some were else in the house. I don't get many of the older girls. Of course I have thousands of pictures of the two of them as they have grown. So now its Kara's turn to have thousands of pictures.....
I am trying to put Kara on a sleeping schedule to make this transition into a toddler bed easier on us, unfortunately this weekend was a bust so its back to square one today to get her back on track. Wake up by 8:30am nap by 10am next nap by 3pm and bed by 8pm. And it only took me 14 1/2 months to put her on a schedule. (I'm very schedule organized can't you tell? haha no I'm not really) Her morning naps work out for me because that means I can get in a little nap in the morning, especially when we had issues the night before (like last night). Hopefully once we get this routine down and I am sleeping better at night I will be able to get some more sleep and get some more energy for cleaning and playing with the kiddos, because right now I am pretty useless! I need to get on the ball and start teaching Brooke her Alphabet, she can sing it no problem, but to actually identify them is another story. Ask the Maven over at Bloggin 2 Noggin, has giving me some great ideas here at how to teach her, her alphabet without stressing her out. So far every morning (during the week) we watch the movie The Letter Factory by Leap Frog which teaches her, the letters and the sounds they make. Today we are watching it twice (hey she likes the movie so whats wrong with watching it more then once). We also have the Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set which today after watching the movie once she started to identify some of the letters and thier sounds, only she was identifing the letters she already new, so thats why we are watching the movie once more. I started a bit late with teacher her all these things, and I wish I started earlier, Devin was 2 when I started teaching her and by the time she was in preschool at 3 she could identity every letter in the alphabet no problem. But Brooke won't be starting preschool till next fall (and she is turning 4 in March), so we should be good for the most part, other then learning late. I was going to work on having her write the alphabet to but I think we will just work on identifing the letters first before we start writing them out so that niether her or I get stressed out. (since I am very hormonal right now and fly off the hinge in no time).
Well I guess this will be all for now since Kara is getting cranky and its getting close to her first nap time.
Have a Great Day!

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