Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2.....

Groundhogs Day..... I honestly don't know the history behind this day. I know that some groundhog in Canada comes out of its hole while tons of people watch and take pictures and if he see's his shadow 6 more weeks of winter and if he doesn't see his shadow we may get a early spring. Now can anyone tell me, when was the last time that he didn't see his shadow? And with that how long did it take for spring to show up?

Anyways enough about the groundhog who always see's his shadow.... There is actually a significants to this day! Today is my Mothers Birthday! So Happy Birthday Mommy! Unfortunately for my mom today is a sucky day. A few weeks ago when the sidewalks were completely icey, my mom slipped on her way to the car and fell on her butt, now for most people this wouldn't be a big deal other then a little pain for a few days, except my mom had back surgery and now has a plate in her back, so now the doctors are worried either she may have broken the bolts, fractured her tailbone or screwed up the disc above her plate. So on her birthday she gets to sit in a doctors office and get a Cat scan and an MRI. What fun for her huh?

I still haven't heard any news as to whats going on hopefully either she will be home soon or I will get a phone call to see how she is doing.

I bet your wondering what I got her huh? Well if you direct your eyes below you will see a metal painting/sculpture (whatever you call it), It looks a bit small on the wall so we will have to get some more decorations to go with it and it needs to be lowered, but its nice right? Well she likes it! so there! The picture would probably look better if I had actually either A) used my real camera, Or B) actually got up and took my computer closer since I used my webcam to take the picture.

Are you wondering how old my mom is? Well I'm sure she would get PO'd if I reveled her real age (but I wonder how she would feel if I gave a clue). Okay well lets put it this way my mom has been 29 for the past 18 years! Half the time no even really knows how old she is because she has been claiming this age for so very long. Except I don't think it can work very well for her this year since I will be 29 in July, Sorry mom but the charade is up. So there you have it.....

Happy Birthday Mommy! Love You!

Have a Great Day!


Alyssa said...

This post is TOO cute! I love the metal sculpture...sorry your mom's birthday is kind of ruined...I guess you'll celebrate later. I hope she's okay.

Catrina said...

Her birthday wasn't completely ruined, she said that she had a good day still, which is good. We find out what the results are next week. :)