Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3D VS 4D

So yesterday I annouced we will be again having a girl. Bummed? Slightly, but still happy to have a healthy baby growing inside of me, and you know maybe its my curiosity or maybe its my disbelief that I will have 4 girls but I started wondering could of the technician been wrong? Well of course she could have its more likely that she was not. I did see the ultrasound and I did see the lines but when I was looking I noticed that the middle line was long then the side lines.

If you look at this picture (of a girl ultrasound) you see the middle line is longer then the sides BUT the longer part of the line is going into the body.

My ultrasound the longer middle line was facing away from the body.
If you look at this ultrasound (of a boy) you see there is kinda 3 lines as well and the middle one is longer and facing outside of the body. I am not saying that my ultrasound looked identical to this but I'm trying to make a point.
So I started thinking as I was researching ultrsound pictures because of course when you type in male or female ultrasound it brings up 3D and 4D ultrasounds. Of course 4D ultrasounds are more detailed.

Its a Boy! (can you tell?)

Its a Girl! (can you tell?)
So I started thinking maybe we should look into getting a 4D ultrasound. I have never had one and I know that hospitals don't offer them and that you have to pay for it yourself but I think it would be cool to get a 4D ultrasound, and ok if we find out the sex of our baby and know for sure, well bonus! So now all I have to do it talk to the hubby and see what he thinks. I hope he is on board with this.
Some of you may be thinking, come on she told you it was a girl just get over and be happy. Yes I know she said its a girl and yes I know she is probably most likely right, and yes I am happy! But that doesn't mean I don't want to make sure that we are for sure having a girl (before I go spending more money on clothes, since I spent a butt load yesterday).
So I am off to talk to the Hubby and see about getting a 4D ultrasound.
Have a Great Day!


Anonymous said...

I was researching gender ultrasounds online and somehow came across this post, im glad I did. Because I am in the opposite situation. My ultrasound pic looks just like yours, but they told me its a BOY. I have 2 boys and REALLY wanted a girl.... I am definitely planning on having another ultrasound to double check. Please keep us posted if you find anything different out :)

Anonymous said...

i was just searching the web for girl 4d pictures and came across ur beautiful blog.
can you just have a look and tell the gender( as u have 4 girls u must be an expert by now ;)) i Need one of them badly !!
See more here: http://community.babycenter.com//photos/teapea1/22401823

Catrina said...

looks like a girl to me.