Thursday, April 1, 2010

I know everything is fine but I can't help but cry.

I posted the other day that I was getting my 20 week ultrasound (at 19 1/2 weeks). I had a detailed ultrasound done, because of my past history (with Brooke being born with club foot and Zachary being stillborn). The ultrasound went well and I figured things were good because well the technician didn't seem to concerned while doing the ultrasound. I even asked her about some things that they had found with Zachary. When I was just about 5 months pregnant with Zachary I had a ultrasound sound done, during it the doctors got concerned and called a specialist in, the next thing I knew I was sitting in a consultation room discussing our options, they had found 2 cysts on Zachary's brain. I was scared (of course), the doctors had me freaked out that there was something medically wrong with my child and we got an amnio done to see what was wrong. The amnio results came back normal and by 7 months they were gone. Of course I never blamed Zachary's death on the cysts I had no reason to.

When I was getting my ultrasound on Monday I mentioned this to the technician and she said that they are normal and called Choroid Plexus Cysts, she even comment that she doesn't understand why doctors freak patients out about them since they are so common.

Well today I got a phone call from my OB, she just wanted to let me know that the ultrasound looked good but there was one thing that they found, its nothing to worry about but they found 2 cysts (choroid plexus cysts) on the babys brain. She said that they see this all time and make phone calls almost daily to let parents know.
In my mind I know everything will be okay, but a part of me is still scared. I went through alot with Zachary and the doctors scared the crap out of me because of these cysts, with all the problems that they could indicate. I keep telling myself everything is going to be fine, but at the same time when I try to actually speak about it I can't help but cry.

Today is my Dad's birthday so I'm trying to keep Happy and not seem upset. Happy Thoughts.

Have a Great Day!


Kimberly said...

oh sorry to read this. Sending HAPPY THOUGHTS your way!

Alyssa said...

Sometimes I truly HATE doctors...they can be such alarmists!!! Your OB sounds great, though...and don't forget, you heard the same advice from the ultrasound tech...who had NO reason to say that...other than it being the truth. Catrina, I can say this because it's not me pregnant; I do know how scared you must feel. That's normal, but try to keep in mind it's just "pregnant brain" talking. Sending you love...hugs and best wishes. And get busy getting ready for a happy Easter!
You ALL deserve it!

Wait--I should tell you hubs sent me to the ER saying he thought I had a blood clot...I was scared to death...turned out to be absolutely nothing...doctors!!!

Catrina said...

I'm at peace with it now I know that, everything will be ok, I am sure they will do another ultrasound later to make sure they are gone.
Your hubs probably freaks out a little more because its you and he doesn't want anything bad to happen.