Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh BOY!!!

Boy oh Boy oh Boy..... Our Family will be welcoming another Girl this August! Yep thats right we will have 4 girls! I'm not for certain but the last time we discussed it her name will be Carly Mae But we're still not sure.

I was like I thought I would be... Bummed, but I am still happy! I guess with so many people saying they thought it would be a boy I just kep thinking maybe there is a chance that its a boy. Even the ultrasound technician thought that maybe it was a boy, her exact words were " I've kept waiting hoping something would grow there, but its not so looks like your having another girl" Ok those aren't the exact words but basically its almost exactly what she said.

The baby was being very good for the technician and cooperating very well. She was waving and chewing on her hand alot to. So thats it.. We will probably still be discussing names cause the Hubby isn't sure yet adn I will update you later... :)

Have a Great Day!


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Summer said...

Congrats!! Oh my stars you totally fooled me with the title! I thought you were having a boy from the title LOL....Awwww how presh more sugar and spice and everything nice :0)

Summer ;0)