Monday, March 8, 2010

Bad Kitty

Yesterday we visited the hubby's mom and dad. While visiting my Mother in law tells me that her cat, better known as squeaky is pregnant again. The kids of course are excited, the Father in law not so much. See back before squeaky got pregnant the first time the Father in law said that if she ever came home preggo she was gone! Of course though she did end up preggo and had two adorable little kitty's. But Squeaky didn't go away, and when she came into heat in January the Mother in law kept her in doors to prevent the mishap from happening again. Well she was obviously to late when she kept her locked in the house because squeaky is for sure preggo. Well we weren't exactly sure how far along she was until yesterday. Squeaky was laying on the chair relaxing and the Mother in law and Devin walked near and she freaked and scratched them both nothing big, she got the Mother in laws sweater and 2 little spots on Devins forhead, we figured kitty was just irritated. Well some time later the girls we sitting in the rocking chair with the Mother in law (which squeaky was still sleeping on the top of), well Brooke went to adjust herself on her grandma's lap and squeaky freaked out and just start batting the crap out of Brookes face. Thankfully she missed her eyes, nose and mouth but the side of her face looks pretty messed up (just scratch's but I know it was painful). Of course we cleaned her up and put antibiotic ointment on her face, but my biggest problem I'm having is a fear of her getting Cat Scratch Fever. I don't exactly know what the signs and symptoms are of it but I always end up freaking out when my kiddos get scratched by a cat because when I was 4 I was hospitalized for 2 weeks and almost lost my life from cat scratch fever. So far Brooke is doing good, no signs (that I notice), of course Kara has been extremely irritable and I haven't quite figured out why. So now we watch and wait to make sure that she doesn't end up sick. But so far I think we will be good. :)

Have a Great Night!

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