Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pictures Galore!

As I said in my previous post I have ALOT of pictures that I want to share so I shrunk them and posted them and here they are for your enjoyment.
I love this look on her face she actually looks mad at me.
sitting with her doggy (she loves laying on him)

enjoying her milk

She was excited

She was actually trying to say cheese here.

She's just a cutie aint she?
I don't exactly know what was going on with her here.

We got ALOT of snow!

This is our back yard covered in snow!

Kara was looking out the window

Brookies Pillow buddy wrapped around her leg (looks like she has a dog humping her leg huh?)

My mom told her to do this.

Devin playing solitare (which I had no clue she knew how to play)

smiling for mommy


We were having fun with the dog (hes our smallest so he gets tortured alot haha)

The pillow buddy "hugging" Shaggy

Brooke and Dimitri eating pretzels after dinner

Dimitri and Brooke

Kara and Dimitri taking a bath together

Kara wasn't ready for this picture.

The babies are all clean and dry

Cousin Dimitri

Devin was trying to say bye to Dimitri before she went to school

Devin hugging Dimitri

Such a Happy baby! (who will be 2 this month!)
Brooke my princess

I love this look
Watching mommy on the computer

I'll help you write your blog mommy

Have a Great Day!



Kimberly said...

they are all so cute even the little doggie! have a great day!!

Alyssa said...

You obviously got great help writing this blog!!! Photos are totally cute. Glad all is well...keep it that way!

KatieJones said...

Your kids are adorable! I just read about Zachary. You are such a strong woman to endure such a great loss. Wont it be a fun day when you see him again? : )

mrs. b. said...

love all of these pics! so super cute! :)

Catrina said...

Yes Katie I can't wait to see him someday again!

Thank you all for the photo comments.

Alyssa said...

Catrina, I just want to thank you for your comment. Also tell you he was caught on videotape chasing kids around his office. All the lovely setting of a Disney-themed office...disgusting or what?

Glad you take such good care/precautions with your kids. I'll have to have "the talk" with Lil Bits, too, but I don't know when...