Monday, March 22, 2010


My 16 month old cracks me up with the the things she is starting to understand and say anymore. My dad gets all excited now, because yesterday morning, when she woke up and he got her out of her room the first things she said to him was poo poo, and sure enough she had poo'd so of course he was super excited because she new she had poop'd. Later on yesterday we were waiting on daddy to be done working on his truck and great grandmas house and she yells, "momma" , what Kara? "poo poo" ok. No she didn't poop this time but she knew it was time for a diaper change. Then on the way home she again yells, "momma!" What Kara? "I don't know" and silence. She is so silly! I think at that point she was so tired she just wanted to go night night and she just didn't know what else to say because I already knew she wanted to go to bed. We had a pretty busy weekend... Friday we (by we I mean, the Hubby, my Mother, Devin, Brooke, Kara and myself) all went to Costco to stock up on some food. We didn't do to bad I might say either since we managed to buy enough meat for 19 meals. Thats wasn't to bad other then having whining children, asking for this and that. On Saturday for most of the day we didn't do much but later on we went to my Aunts house for my Cousin Dimitri's Birthday (he turned 2 on Sunday) The kids had a blast playing with thier cousin and visiting with family. Of course what kind of day would it be if we didn't have some kind of scare, right? It seems Kara learned how to open the doors to the deck, they are the kind that have a handle that comes down not a knob to turn. Out of the blue my one of my aunts ask "why is Kara on the deck? to which I respond "I don't know, What?" there she was standing on the deck (which by the way is 2 storys from the ground!) standing there with no coat on eating dried corn that my aunt and uncle feed the deer with! Great so my kid is eating old corn and standing on the deck with no coat in about maybe 40 degree weather, Yeah I was so not happy! I am so thankful that she was ok but I did not know she knew how to open the doors, and I start thinking about the what if's! there was a bench on that deck pushed up against the wall that she could have easily climbed on to and fallen over the edge and no one would have known because we didn't know she was on the deck. It scares the poo out of me! I am thankful that she is ok and didn't decide to climb on anything. After my Aunts we went to the inlaws for cake and ice cream for Brooke, mother in law and sister in laws Birthday. You know that had my girls all excited they had cake twice in one day! And they got to stay the night at grandma's house which by the way made me happy because I was in a super bad mood that day and to get rid of the 2 children who for some reason couldn't stop fighting all day put a smile on my face! Yesterday (Sunday) we were on our way to pick up the girls, but first we had to stop at my grand parents so that David could get some pictures of his truck so that he could get insurance on it and register it, its a older truck so they need to see what it looks like, so that they could register it as a classic car. Well the stinking thing wouldn't start! After a few hours of waiting I asked the hubby is he realized it was getting late, he already knew that Devin had homework to do, So I went to to the inlaws and got the girls. But even when we got back to my grandparents Daddy still wasn't done, we didn't leave thier house till almost 8pm but the hubby was finally able to get the truck running and we were finally able to get the pictures we needed. Some stupid mouse put corn in parts of the truck were its impossible to clean, damn rodents! We had some cranky children on the way home, especially Kara who just wanted to go night night. We finally got the kiddo's home and in bed (don't worry Devin did her homework first) and we were able to get the grocery shopping done that needed to be done. and that was our weekend.

Have a Great Day!

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