Saturday, March 27, 2010

Its been days....

I have been trying to get on blogger for a couple days but for some reason the stupid thing hasn't been working.

So anyways

We have decided that for Brookie, we will teach her most of the things she will learn in preschool at home and send her to preschool 1 day a week. The preschool that she will be going allows you to pay daily rates instead of weekly. I signed her up to go 1 day a week preferrably Wednesday, from the impression I'm getting they allow you to basically treat it as a daycare. I can drop her off any time after 6am (when they open) and they close at 6pm so I can pick her up then. I will probably send her for a full day like regular school hours, 8:30am (after Devin leaves for school) till probably 3 or 4 pm this way I am getting my monies worth. Brooke is very excited to be going to school starting next week, even Devin is excited for her sister and telling everyone that Brooke is starting school next week. I thought they had the payment available were we would be able to send her every other week if we chose to but unfortunitly that is not the case they do not allow this you have to pay weekly so she has to go weekly but I don't mind this. I doubt we will send her during the summer which I will have to discuss this with them on payment and such to make sure that I don't have to still pay if she is not going during the summer since they are like a daycare (well actually they are a daycare).

I've been feeling alright as far as the pregnancy goes lately, except for getting alot of headaches. I am still congested so I probably start taking my sudafed that may help with the headaches, but I just hate taking meds. I am so tired!

My mother in-laws cat had kittens the other night, we need to go over there so I can tell her whether they are male or female kittens. She said they are really cute, I can't wait to see them. Now comes the trouble of finding homes for the kitties for when they are ready to leave thier mommy, there are 4 of them.

Well I guess this is good for todays update. I need to get ready, Brooke wants to go outside and play in the front yard.

Have a Great Day!

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