Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Preschool or not?

So my Brooker-doodles turned 4 last week and I have been looking into preschools, I would love to send her to preschool because mainly she needs to get use to the teachers and students, and learn to interact with children her own age. I'm not so much about the learning aspect of it all because we have been working with her a little here and there and I can easily start working with her more and get her to learn her alphabet and write her alphabet and teach her, her numbers. The main issue I am having with were we live is that preschool is SO expensive around here were we live. When we were at our old house it wasn't bad, Devin went to a vocational school for preschool so it was really cheap, but they don't have any of those out here so its going to be ALOT more expensive then what we paid for Devin. We were actually able to send Devin to preschool for 2 years. Problem is Brooke is only going to be able to take one year of preschool because we could not afford to send her there this year so we will have to wait till fall to send her to preschool and then she will start kindergarten the following year. But I am beginning to wonder should I bother sending her to preschool? I almost wonder if we should just teach her at home all that she would learn in preschool and hope she does alright in kindergarten? Or what about teaching her at home and sending her preschool or daycare once a week or every other week to interact with children her age? Or should we just suck it up and pay for her to go to preschool and pray we have the money to pay for it? I have alot to think about..... I'm glad that its only March (well the end of March) and I have a little bit of time to think about this and see what others think about our situation and what we should do. If we decide to just send her to prechool/daycare once a week or every other week then we could probably start her now and not have to wait till the fall so she can begin interacting now and it would give her a chance to get out of the house and play with someone other then her sisters, like Devin.
What do you think? I would really love some input on this because it has really got me wondering what I should do. I know if I push myself to stop being so damn lazy and work with her at least once a day (or even twice a day) I can teach her what she needs to know. She already has most of the letters and thier sounds down and she knows how to write some of her letter and we are working on writing her name now as well. The more and more I think about iit the more and more I think I would rather teach her what she needs to learn and let her go to preschool once a week. My mom thinks its a good idea as well. Now I need to talk to the hubby and see what he thinks. I still want your opinions though. Thanks in advance!

Have a great day!!


Dinah jo said...

I think she would do fine if you taught her at home instead of preschool. You know what kindergarten teachers because of Devin. Some preschools have a lotto too. I don't know if any in your area do, but sometimes if you registrar early enough you can get in for free. How about a charter school? Or even a church preschool, sometimes they have scholarships.

Alyssa said...

Good luck with your decision...we're not all that happy with preschool this year. It's part time (afternoons only) which messes up any plans to get together with anyone to play. And, from what we can see, there's not enough free time for play. We truly believe they're only young once and don't believe in pushing academics....but clearly, others don't feel the same way.