Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vertigo is no fun....

So I have been MIA for a while, well Thursday night I was woken up at 12:30am by my littlest daughter who decided she didn't want to sleep, I hate to admit it but we have a tv in there and I wanted to sleep so I turned the tv on for her to watch for a little bit, after maybe an hour I turned it off trying to get her back to bed at this time I had a really bad headache, about and hour later at 2:30am I woke up (because Kara still would not go to bed) and the room was spinning really bad. I turned the tv back on for her because I could barely walk. I spent alot of time in the bath room for the next few hours everything was spinning so badly that I was vomiting. My mom tried to help me but couldn't come up with anyway to get it to stop, I called my OB thinking that it was something to do with the pregnancy, she told me to take some tylonal and try to get some sleep, yeah easy for you to say. I finally was able to fall asleep for a little bit at 5:30am sitting straight up in a chair, I basically napped the rest of the night. In the morning I had to get Devin up for school and get Kara up and dressed (ok she was awake from 12:30am till almost 4am and she was still up on her own at 7:15am!), Thankfully my mom woke to get Devin on the bus because I was a bit incapacitated (from vomiting again). I called the doctors office when they opened and they finally called me back at 10:30am to let me know that I probably have fluid built up in my ears and I also have severe vertigo. Believe me this sucks. Today I am doing a little better but I am still have spells of lightheadness and dizziness, when I try to go to bed at night (still sleeping in the chair) I begin to have the spinning sensation again. So yes this is why I have been MIA and probably will be until this goes away because I don't feel to hot right now.

Oh and to top it off Brookes 4th Birthday party is today!

Have a Great Day

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Kimberly said...

oh my! Vertigo is not a good thing! My sister had vertigo - took a leave of absence from her work. She had it a long time. It did go away but she really did nothing for a long time - she was always dizzy. Feel better and keep us posted!!