Thursday, April 8, 2010

But she made me take a Nap!

Last week when Brooke went to school she was really happy and couldn't wait to go. Later on in the day I had found out that she got upset and cried a little because she missed me and wanted me to come get her. But she had a great day at school the rest of the day. I even let her pick which day she wanted to go to school this week. She picked today which happens to be PJ day and the day that the fire department comes to talk to the kids. She was excited and even Devin (who is on spring break) wanted to got to her school to see the firemen. Once Brooke woke up this morning her attitude drastically changed. I don't like that school I want to go to another school she kept telling, I asked why and she said because I don't like my teacher, again I asked why? She said because she made me take a nap last week and I didn't want to. I tried to explain to her that she doesn't have to nap but she does have to lay down on the cot and be quite for quite time. She started to get even more upset when we got to school and no sooner did we walk into her classroom the tears began to fall. I of course didn't want to leave her and upset her even worse, so I stuck around trying to get her to stop, That process took an hour! She did however finally calm down and ate some breakfast and even though she was still upset she allowed me to leave (with protest). I hated leaving her but with the way her school is set up I have to pay even if she doesn't go and I don't want to unless she is absolutely sick or something, not to mention this is only her 2nd day of school. I hate doing this to her and it makes me want to take her out of school (since she doesn't seem to be ready) but she needs to get use to school right? She certainly can't take off Kindergarten or a higher grade because she is afraid of school. I guess its a good thing its only once a week huh?

Today is my 20 week check up, I get to see if I have gained any weight or not (I think I have gained a few pounds) and I get to find out more information on the cysts and if they will do another ultrasound later. Of course I want another one just to make sure that we are indeed having a girl.
In the mean time, Devin and Kara are here running around the house playing and having fun.

Have a Great Day!


Kimberly said...

good luck with Brooke! she is so cute. I would hate to see her cry too! Let us know how she does next time to school!!
Do you have any girl names picked out yet?

Catrina said...

Yeah Carly Mae :)