Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pictures, Pictures Every Where!

Well I told you I would post some pictures today. Again most of them are of Kara, mostly because when its warm out the other 2 are outside and I am not (hehe). Sorry its hard being 5 months preggo and chasing a 17 month old around the yard when you really don't want to.
Here's my princess with alot of the princess 'tude to go with the crown.

She loves looking like a pretty princess.

My up close and personal baby girl.

Don't you just LOVE those blue eyes? (I know I do)

Kara in her new outfit at Great Grandmas house.

Again me chasing her around the yard, except this is a bigger yard to chase her in.

Running with her Jakey.

Brooke and Devin getting ready to go for a ride in the trailer (Great Papa driving the lawn mower).
Kara joining them for a little ride.

My 3 girls in the trailer.

Having fun.

She's not to happy that we took her out of the trailer she was a little ticked off.

She thought about chasing Papa but decided throwing a fit would be easier.

She loved running through the yard.

It was a sunny day (even if it doesn't really look like it)

Our Doggy Jake (he loves going over Grandma's because he has so much room to run and explore)

My 3 girls on Easter, aren't they so cute?
Have a Great Day!


Alyssa said...

The girls look beautiful. Love the pics in the trailer...how cute! Looks like they really had a fun day. How ARE you feeling, mommy-to-be? I know it has to be uncomfortable for you now that the weather's getting warmer.

By the way, love the new look of your blog, and I'm not sure I told you. It looks great and the colors are terrific!

Catrina said...

Thanks I love the colors on my page too!
They had a great time that day, especially Kara, if she can be outside running around she is happy.
I'm doing pretty good when its warm as long as I'm not moving around to much. most of the days have been pretty windy so thats nice. It just sucks because trying to chase Kara around is really wearing me out.
Thanks for asking! :)