Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and other such things....

First off let me say Happy Easter to everyone since I didn't leave a post sooner.

Did I let you all know how Brooke's first day of school went? I didn't think I did, so sit back and enjoy (hehe it shouldn't be that long).

First the morning started off like any other morning getting Devin up for school and ready to go except that day (3/31/10) was a little different I was getting to kids up and ready for school. Even Devin was Happy for her little sister to be going to school for the first time. My mom told me to go ahead and take Brooke in and she would get Devin on off to school (which she didn't have to do much since the bus stop is our driveway).

So we drove to Brooke's school (which thankfully is only like 3 minutes away from the house )

As you can see in the picture of her getting out of the car she was super excited to be going to school. It was funny though because when we first pulled up in the parking lot she was like this isn't my school. I had to remind her yes it was her school.

Here were were getting ready to go into school, I'm actually surprised I wasn't more nervous about sending her off to school (maybe because I went through this with Devin and the fact that its one day a week). Once we walked through the doors she realized it was her school. " look mom there are the umbrella's!" (they have umbrellas in a bucket next to the door for rainy days). The school director Miss Melody met us at the front door. It was sweet she remembered Brookes name (of course she only had two new students that day). She walked us back to Brookes classroom, Brooke got really excited even just walking down the hallway (which is all decorated with all the students and kids projects from different classrooms). We made it to the end of the hallway to her classroom, and Miss Melody showed Brooke were to hang up her coat. We walked down to the toddler room were all the kids that had arrived were playing. (did I tell you that this is actually a child care center? but they have a pre-K class & even a Kindergarten class). Miss Melody introduced Brooke to all her classmates and we even seen our neighbor there (he is in the toddler room). I was a bit upset because Brookie didn't want to say goodbye to me but I think it was because she really didn't want me to leave. I left and went home. After big sister Devin got home I went and picked up Brooke from school. We couldn't wait to hear about how her first day went. When I first got there Miss Melody had me fingerprinted. Their securty system is really good! If you have a child that goes there you have a code you enter then put your finger on the coder for the door to open, and if your kid doesn't go there or you haven't been printed you have to ring the bell and wait for someone to answer the door. After getting printed and sighing Brooke out we went back to her classroom. They were just about to go outside and play. As soon as we walked in they said look whos here! Brooke looked up and yelled MOMMY! It was so funny though because she didn't get out of line she just stood there. I told her to get her backpack, as she did that her teacher (who I later found out her name is Miss Meagen) told me how her first day was. She did really good and had lots of fun playing and painting. They played kitchen, and did all sorts of things. Brooke told me that she got upset and cried for me for a little while because she missed me and didn't want me to leave (I'm guessing that is when I left in the morning).

The next day when I was checking my email I noticed an email from her school, I did not know that they send out daily emails to let parents know what the kids did. I really like this about the school to. They let us know about what the kids learned and what they ate for breakfast and lunch (they also feed them breakfast, lunch and snacks). and they sent me some pictures of Brooke.

Here is Brooke playing with one of her classmates.

They even took her outside to chekc out the play ground during the day.

Saturday morning we went to the school for thier Easter party. It was pretty packed so we didn't stay for very long.

We spent the rest of the day at my grandmothers. I will share some pictures from that later. I also have to update my pregnancy photos (did you know that I am 20 weeks preggo, only 20 weeks to go!).
Have a Great Day!

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