Monday, April 5, 2010

5 months

Well its time for another Pregnancy update! I'm now 5 months preggo, can you believe it, Half way there! I'm doing pretty good now. The nausea is almost all gone although I do have some issues in the morning sometimes, if I either wait to long to eat or actually get to sleep in. Even if I eat as soon as I wake up (when I've slept in) its still been a while since I last ate so I get nauseated. The baby is moving alot most of the time, there have been a few days that I was a little worried that something was wrong because the baby wasn't moving to much. But the little booger started moving around last night and even today is moving alot more again so it seems that everything is fine. I am thankful that my aunt gave me her heart doppler. Whenever I start to worry about this little bundle I just pull out the doppler and listen to that little heart beating, and that is music to my ears! So here is one (yes I said one I'm posting two pics this week) of my 20 week belly.

This is on Easter I definatly notice more of a belly now and its more noticable that I am pregnant now, I don't just look like a big fat arse anymore (at least most of the time). If you didn't read my update about the ultrasound you can read that here and if you didn't here the results of the ultrasound you can read about that here. I am doing alot better with the fact that our baby has 2 cyst on its brain. I did some research and reading and listening to the doctor and ultrasound technician and I know everything will be fine. I am sure (and hope) they will do another ultrasound later on to make sure that the cysts have gone away. When I posted about being so upset mainly it was because after loosing Zachary its been very scary to think that we may loose another baby. But I know now that the cyst are a normal occurance and that we should be fine and our baby should be ok. I see my OB on Thursday (4-8) for my 5 month check up and of course I will be asking about getting another ultrasound later and make sure that they do know that I had the same issue with a previous child. Of course I was joking with the hubby because how strange is it that these cysts occur in 1/100 pregnant women and I have had it occur 2 times! Whats up with that? I still have my if's about this baby being a girl, I'm use to the fact that its probably a girl and have already called her Carly a few times (especially when I talk to family) but I don't want to call her Carly to much just in case they did mess up and its a boy (which it most likely is not). But the hubby has for now (at least if he can't think of anything better) decided that her name will be Carly Mae. I've liked the feedback on all from all the people who have said that they love the name Carly, that makes me feel good that we have again came up with the right name to call our daughter. A few of my family members are still getting use to the name, they don't hate it but whenever I say it they kinda look at me like who the hell is that and I have to remind them (its kinda funny).
So you have been waiting... Here is the 2nd preggo pic. Yeah its a full view of me, You may not see many more of these depending on how much bigger I get. I still haven't really gained any weight so I'm ok with how I look right now (other then I was fat before hand).

So there you have it. I still have to post some pictures from this weekend of, well mainly Kara running around my grandmas backyard, but I will wait till tomorrow to post those and then of course you will probably get my OB update at the end of the week.

Have a Great Day!

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