Friday, April 30, 2010

Fighting the Fat Friday- Week One

Did you decide to joing me for Fighting the Fat Fridays? Or are you just here for an update? Either way welcome.....
Again for me this is Fighting the Fat Friday - Preggie Style.
I've continued with my walking this will be day 5 in our daily walks (once we actually take the walk), I did my dreaded Yoga yesterday and to my surprise I was actually not in pain afterwards! I actually had an easier time balancing and doing it yesterday too. My mother and I went on our 1 mile walk yesterday and about half way through it started to rain! That sucked seeing as we had Kara and Brooke with us. We all got pretty wet but it did stop raining before we got home. We looked pretty funny out in the rain trying to walk as fast as we can, which I have to say isn't very fast since 1 of us is preggo and the other is cripple, can you guess who is who? We had to slow down after so long because I started to cramp up, which I have noticed if we are walking to fast I start cramping a little on my right side, I don't know if its a uterus cramp or a muscle cramp though, I guess that is something I will discuss with my doctor next week for my 6 months check up. Yeah you heard me right I am 6 months preggo today! I am officially 24 weeks now, but won't do my preggie update until after I see my doctor next week so expect a update and a belly shot next week. I don't know if I mentioned this before (I probably have in one of my other post) but I actually feel good about walking everyday, ok not so much about the yoga since I do dread it, but I am sure I will get use to it and love it soon enough. Once my depression kicked in a few weeks ago I didn't know what to do to make myself feel better, the nurse I spoke to told me to talk to my doctor at my next check up (which I plan on still) but she also said to find some me time, which is pretty hard when you have kiddo's to take care of, it seems the only time I get some alone time is in the shower. Even yesterday when I was trying to do my yoga, Kara was napping and Brooke was outside but then in the middle of my routine Brooke came in the house and frustrated the hell out of me because she wanted a snack and I wouldn't let her have ice cream and what ever else she was bitching about, So of course the rest of my "work out" (if you can call it that) I was in a bad mood and couldn't relax. But even though the kids are with us during our walks I actually feel good and better about myself, so these walks really help with my depression. I doubt they will help me get rid of it completely (I'm pretty screwed up in the brain if you haven't figured that one out yet), But at least the walks help, and make me feel better about myself.
So are you going to be joining me on my journey or will you be a spectator? Leave me and comment and let me know, even if your just going to visit to see how I'm doing let me know!

Have a Great Day!

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