Thursday, April 29, 2010


No its not whats for dinner, remember the other day I mentioned we found a baby turtle? If you remember that, then you remember that my daughter named him Sushi. Well Sushi has been doing well, he is eating and swimming around his tank. I'm sure he is a little lonely, but he seems content.
So this is Sushi

He's a cute little fella ain't he?

He's got a floating dry area ain't it cool?

This is to show how small he actually is, he's a tiny little guy.

Like I've mentioned before he isn't very big. We're guessing he is only a few weeks old. After weighing the odds of his survival in the wild with his odds of survival with us. We believe he may have a better chance of survival with us being so tiny. We have ALOT of wild life in our area and knowing that most baby turtles do not survive after birth (thanks discovery channel), we though he's be better off. We've been doing research as to how to care for him and I actually found something today that said do not take them out of thier home neighborhood (which we haven't) and if we are to release him back to make sure we release him back were we found him. So thats good to know. So that is our little guy Sushi (or as my mother and husband call him - Turtle Soup).

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