Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fighting the Fat- Preggi style & kiddo updates

So yeah I know I just wrote about fighting the fat-preggie style just a few days ago but you know what I am feeling so good about what I am actually doing I wanted to make another post about that again and some other stuff.

Monday we started our daily walks, then Tuesday I started my prenatal Yoga. I plan on doing the yoga every other day (wait didn't I already tell you this?). Anyways today I went on to (Thanks to one of my friends for sharing this site) found out that if we do a certain route that we are walking 1.12 miles, if we walk the entire neighborhood its 1.58 miles, so for now we will stick with our 1.12 mile route just because we just started doing this we'll work our way up to the mile and a half and then if we really want to be daring we try for even farther by adding the subdivision next to us. I doubt we'll make it to that (at least I won't while being pregnant), but you never know we'll see. We've discussed adding a short distance of the other sub to bring us up to 2 miles but we'll worry about that later, let see how long we can handle the route we're on now, since my mom has back and knee problems and me being preggo, who knows how long we'll be able to keep this up. I can defiantly say I feel good about this! I dread doing my Yoga but that's only because, okay lets admit it when you are doing yoga it doesn't look like much movement and such but damn that shit hurts afterwards! I was defiantly feeling it after my 1st session Tuesday (and really once we started walking too). I dread doing my 2nd session today just because I am afraid of how I will feel afterwards, maybe it won't be so bad today, I just hope that I will be able to balance better the more I do this because right now I am so wobbly during my Yoga sessions. I haven't really been doing great with the eating right but I have been trying, normally when I am hungry I will grab some kind of sugary fat snack but I have been trying to reach more for the healthy snacks lately (confession I still do go for the unhealthy snacks too though). Am I rambling? Okay sorry I have gone through bout's of exercising before but never really got excited about it, maybe that's why I never stuck with it. I just hope that me and my mom stick with this because I don't think I could do this on my own, I need the motivation of someone else saying lets go do this (pathetic I know). Are you trying to get healthier, in shape, fit, or dieting? Wanna join me? I don't know exactly how to make the link to link up to my page but if you want to start fighting the fat with me, leave me a comment with your site to share. I think I may make the update day for Friday maybe we can call it Fighting the Fat Fridays. Yeah that sounds good to me. So feel free to join me. (let me admit I got my inspiration from many sites to name a few Heir to Blair who has McFatty Mondays, and Much Love, Nicole has the Un-Belly Series. But they are more focused on loosing the post baby weight which in about 4 months so will I but for now since I'm preggo I'm more focused on getting healthy and in shape and keeping it safe for my belly baby. So what do you think do you wanna join me? You don't have to even have a blog just leave a comment and let me know what your plans are on getting fit & how your progressing. So Although I am posting today we'll officially start Fighting the Fat Friday's tomorrow! Good Luck, and have fun!

Hey were are you going? I'm not done yet! Did I say I was done? Sit back down! (haha) So yesterday Devin came home and wrote her name down on her dry erase board and asked is this how you spell my name in cursive? I looked at it and her D looked like a S so I let her know, actually Devin it looks like you wrote Sevin, the rest looked great but the D was not right. So I showed her how to make a Cursive D and she had already knew how to do the rest. I got curious and asked her if they were learning how to write in cursive at school. No mom we're not, we don't learn that till 2nd grade. So why are you trying to write in cursive now? I asked. I don't know I just wanted to learn how to write my name in cursive. She learned very quickly how to write her name and she does a great job (actually I think her cursive handwriting is neater then her normal handwriting). I'm very proud of her, she does so great! For a while we had some major issues with her not wanting to do her journal writing, she was always fighting us on it but she is not bad at it at all and we tried to tell her that. She is doing great at reading too, being that they don't expect her to be at a level 16 till June and she has been at a level 18+ since the beginning of April.

Brooke is working on her alphabet (identifying and writing) she is doing really well too, and we are even working on identifying and writing numbers too. I know they teach her how to write and such at preschool but she only goes once a week, so we are working on it more at home too. Funny story about taking her to school yesterday, she always throws a fit when I take her school, she cries and whines and says she doesn't want to go. She always has fun at school once I leave but we think she has a fear that I will leave her there (which will never happen). But yesterday when we got to her classroom I tried to calm her down, she was still upset but I got her calmed down enough to where I could leave and as I was getting ready to walk out the door another little girl started crying because I was leaving, Haha whats up with that?
Did you know Kara is a little bully? seriously she is! She beats up on Devin and Brooke (more Brooke) all the time. She's a little smart ass too (just like her sisters). Whenever she is in trouble and I am trying to get her to come to me I start counting I say 1 and she chimes in 2! I think Devin did that as a baby too. She is learning new words all the time and wanting to help out around the house. She tries to help with laundry, she loves to pretend to sweep or vacuum. We are working with the potty (slowly), so far I've gotten her to pee in it once, but hey we are not fully potty training yet so I think we are doing great so far! Her new favorite word is no, although half the time she means yes.
So I guess that is all for today, I need to get Kara down for her morning nap and I need to get my butt in gear and do my Yoga for the day. Wish me luck!

Have a Great Day!

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