Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fighting the Fat - Preggie Style

So yeah you know I have talked about it before I am totally not happy with my body! Its been a long time since I was happy with my body, but then the kiddo's came along and away it went. Ok thay thats a lie I was actually still okay after baby #1 then when 2 came along I wasn't completely unhappy yet. But now after 4 children and now being preggo with #5, I am SO totally unhappy! I am not a very active person, okay again thats a lie I am not an active person in anyway I completely lazy if there is a way to do something the lazy way I'll do it that way. Of course now being pregnant and having a almost 18 month old I'm a little more active then normal just because I have a little one I am constantly chasing after (especially when outdoors). I began thinking (once the depression kicked in 3 weeks ago), I need to do something! Except there is one small problem.... I'm pregnant so there is no way of loosing weight right now, right?

So I began thinking once again (can you see I have been thinking ALOT lately?) Is there a way of getting fit & in shape with out dieting and hurting the baby? Well eating healthy is obvious! We snack alot in this house, and although I have been making my children eat healthier foods I haven't been following through and eating alot of healthier food, mainly because there is so much chocolate and fatty foods in this house. Thats were I am making the first change, now when I go shopping I am going to go more for the fruits and veggies (mainly fruits) and less for the chocolate and chips. My mom wants to work out and eat healthy and loose weight as well, so this is for both of us to have some support. So we have decided to also start walking everyday, of course I won't be over doing it or anything. I've also decided to do some prenatal yoga every other day as well. Ok so today I didn't do real great as far as the eating well goes since I had some cookies with ready whip but then again I am preggo so HA I can do it without penalty, right?
Have you ever tried cookies with ready whip? What you do is buy some soft cookies (soft batch are best but chewy chips ahoy are good to) and then top the cookie off with some extra creamy rediwhip, no not cool whip it has to be rediwhip. Some times you can add a cookie on top to make a sandwich and thats pretty good too!

Oh yeah thats right back to eating healthy and staying fit. Sorry I got distracted there. I might update weekly to let ya'll know how I am doing with it, or I may not we'll just have to see now won't we.
Well its time me to eat some dinner with my family....

Have a Great Day!

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Alyssa said...

Catrina, hi! I really hope you enter the giveaway this week...I was rooting for you to win the last one!
It's a really soft, comfy organic dress with ruffles and I think you'd like it. Anyway, check it out on "Lifestyles" when you get a chance.

I'm too darn busy...and ditzy...glad you're doing well!!!