Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The things you find through the neighborhood.

Yesterday my mom and I started our daily walks. Before we even started to get ready to go for a walk Brooke asked, can I ride my bike? To which me and my mom answered "actually yes you can" (see unless one of us is willing to go sit in the front yard she is not aloud to go out and ride her bike). So we got the kiddo's (Brooke and Kara) ready to go for a walk, We got Brooke's bike out and buckled Kara into her bike, and we were on our way....

As we walked Brooke kept bothering us about visiting the park, we walked across the street from the park and all of a sudden Brooke looks down while riding her bike and says Awww, my mom and I look down and to our surprise there is a baby turtle sitting on the sidewalk next to the grass. I automatically pick it up (sorry its in my instinct when I see a tiny helpless animal (especially turtles since I love them!). We took it on the rest of our walk and to the park and then head home. Once we got home my mom went down to the basement and got a 10 gallon tank (I think its a 10 gallon maybe its a 5 gallon) and we prepared a little habitat for the baby turtle (after 3 attempts to make it look right we finally got it perfect), equipt with rocks, sand, water, stick, and once Devin got home we put grass in it. We already had turtle food (my mom and dad had turtles before), Then we went online to find out what kind of turtle we had found. After looking at many pictures online, thats when we figured out we had found a baby painted turtle, once we identified what we had found we started to research the care for a baby turtle. We had many discussions on whether or not its a good idea to keep the baby turtle or not. Mostly because it is a wild caught turtle and also the fact that its no more then 2 weeks old. We don't want to interfer with nature as there is a risk of us killing the poor baby turtle, but after much discussion and as much wild life is in our neighborhood, we believe that the turtle may have a greater chance of survival with us. We have all the equipment already to take care of the little guy (or girl), and if more is needed we will get it. So far the little lad seems to be doing well. Can you guess what the girls names it? Come on take a guess..... Sushi, yes Devin decided that Sushi would be a good name for the turtle (yeah my daughter is weird). Some of our freinds think its a theme since our cat's name is chop suey, but I had nothing to do with naming the turtle.
So thats our turtle story.... I am still kinda of iffy on whether or not we should keep it. But its been so chilly lately, I wonder how much the little guy can handle.

Anyways..... I'm rambing and I am sorry, my mind is racing with thoughts right now....

Have a Great Day!

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