Monday, April 26, 2010

The Weekend...

Saturday 1 & 2 (Devin & Brooke) were at their great grandma's house (actually they stayed there all weekend) and David was working so although Kara is still a bit young at only 17 1/2 months we dedicated the day to wearing just underwear and sitting on the potty. It went well, no she never pee'd in the potty and she went through 7 pairs of underwear (through out the day), but she is ok with sitting on the toilet and we didn't have any messes to clean up. Lucky for me when she did pee in her undies it was very little amounts, so no mess. Eventually she started to realize that when she pee'd in her underwear that she need to go to the bathroom so she would run to the bathroom door and wait for me to sit her on the toilet. Its a process and although we will not be hurrying to try and get her trained by the time the baby gets here I figure what does it hurt to sit on the potty every so often and try? When she takes a shower or bath, she always (even without me saying anything) wants to sit on the toilet and go pee (even if she doesn't actually pee), but to my surprise (and I think to her's as well) she pee'd in the toilet last night before her shower, I clapped and got excited for her and she got a big smile! Of course she may not have pee'd if I wasn't splashing little bits of cold water on her naked tummy, but I figured everytime she gets in the tub and the water hits her feet she pee's so why not splash a little on her to get her motivated, right? It worked!
Sunday wasn't to busy of a day, sort of... We had to pick the girls up from my grandma's, and then go over to my freind Stacey's house to drop off her daughter Abby's birthday present, which I feel horrible because he birthday was on the 9th and we were just able to make it over there this weekend, but then again I have had sick kids every weekend since the 9th. One of the things that really sucks about moving in with my parents is that we live so far from our freinds now, I don't see Stacey as often as I use to, and that really bum's me out! We have been freinds since the 3rd grade and although we both lead somewhat busy lives its nice to hang out with your freind when you want to and not have to worry that you live to far away from them. The kids didn't really get to play for very long because Stacey had things that need to be done and we were going over to my mother in laws to visit (which we do every Sunday if you haven't picked up on that). We also got to see the kitty's they are growing up so much! Its cute to watch them walking now because they are still a little wobbly at 4 weeks old. Devin and Brooke gave the kittys some temporary names the last time they were at their grandma's house and I took some updated pictures for thier new owners, so I though I would share....
This here is "Kevin" He is still sort of looking for a new
Home. We have someone who will take him if we can't find
him a home, but still have time to look (till he is ready to leave mommy).
This here is "Evan" He reminds me of a little Teddy Bear and
has the sweetest little laid back temporment.
Meet "Spots" He is Devin's favorite kitty
and this here is "Sweetie Pie", Evan's twin sister and the
only little girl out of the bunch

Aren't they cute? They certainly are! I keep joking with my mom that we are going to bring "Kevin" home because the hubby likes that kitty. Of course my mom says that ain't happening and really I don't blame her, we have 3 male dogs and 3 females cats (not to mention the 4 adults & soon to be 4 children) in this house.

I was talking to my mother in law about my doubt in what the sex of the baby is, you may remember me talking about it in this post I have my reason and they may just because I've been hoping for a boy, I know that the baby is probably most likely a girl but I still have my little doubts and I think my mother in law understands were I am coming from if she understood what I was talking about completely (not alot of people understand the whole ultrasound thing and how to read them). But anyways, we were discussing if I will be getting another ultrasound done, and I would really like another one because I would love to see if we get a different opinion on the sex of the baby. But the mother in law made a good point... wouldn't it be nice to just wait till the baby gets here and be surprized by the fact that it may be a boy? Yeah that would be pretty awesome and I thought about it I may just wait, but the more I think about it the more I begin to think I still really don't want to wait, I am an impatient person. haha In my opinion 9 months is to long to wait for a baby (which I am sure alot of preggo mommies agree with me). I'm about 23 1/2 weeks now and I just don't want to wait.... Obviously I have no choice, baby needs time to grow and get healthy enough to be out here with us. So I am still not exactly sure if I will ask what the sex is again if we get another ultrasound or not, I guess we'll just have to see if I even get another ultrasound.....

My mom and I have discussed taking daily walks (so I can get in better shape with this pregnancy) I know its kinda stupid to have waited till I was almost 6 months pregnant but better late then never right?

Have a Great Day!


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