Thursday, May 27, 2010

The 3rd Trimester....

So I have hit 28 weeks! 7 Months Preggo, Woot Woot! 3rd trimester baby! Obviously I am psyched to be this far because that means not to much longer (okay yeah I still have 3 months left but I'm that much closer to getting this kid out of me!). I love that the warm weather is finally here but oh man am I in for it this summer! Sometimes I just feel like its just way to hot! I'll just have to fill the kiddie pool up everyday and soak huh? Yeah I know what your thinking.... Quit your bitching, everyone has to deal with this weather not just me.

I think I have finally figured out how to keep my headaches under control. I clench my teeth at night and need to wear a bite splint to keep my jaw from hurting and they do cause headaches at times. Well I haven't been able to wear my bite splint because this has made me nauseated and gage whenever I wear it... I have to take it off before I stand up, I can only wear the splint if I am laying down. Well I can FINALLY wear my splint without getting sick so I have been wearing it for the last 2 nights and in the morning yes I am still waking up with headaches but if I take some Tylenol the headache does lessen or go away, I am so glad I think have finally gotten it under control! It only took a week to do it LOL.

I have my 7 month preggo check up next Thursday so I can't exactly update you on the what the doc says just yet. I just got some news yesterday that the hospital that I am suppose to deliver at is getting rid of the birthing center because they don't have enough births per year. So we will have to travel to the nearest hospital to have the baby. So the other hospital really isn't "that" far away, maybe 30 minute (maybe more depending on traffic) so its not like its that far away but the hospital that I was suppose to deliver at is only 5 minutes away! Its suppose to close some time in the next several months (as the paper says). I am so hoping that they wait to close it down till after we have had the baby, it would be so much more convenient for my family (seeing as my mother and father will probably be taking care of the kiddos while I'm in the hossy and its not a long ass drive). I am hoping to talk to my OB this coming week and see if there is a way that I can deliver at the closer hospital (obviously if its around the time I'm due).

Oh guess what?!?! Remember awhile back I was complaining about getting a 3D/4D ultrasound? Well my mom asked what I wanted for my birthday and honestly I have no clue so I said if she wanted to pay for the ultrasound that would be an awesome gift. So she said that would be fine. They are actually having a deal for the month of May to only on Sundays so tomorrow I will be getting my ultrasound. I'm excited but at the same time kinda bummed out because no one wants to go with me to the ultrasound. Obviously the Hubby doesn't want to go because he doesn't want to see the baby in that much detail, and of course he was like well if you want me to go I will but I won't be looking at the monitor, so seriously why would I make him go then because he really doesn't want to go. I asked my mom and she doesn't want to go either (I'm not sure why) but she to said well if you really want me to go I will, but again why would I want to make her go when she doesn't want to? I don't want to guilt her into it. My dad doesn't want to go either because he doesn't see the point in ultrasounds. And my best freind is out of state so I am on my own! Thats a bummer thing for me because I don't want to go on my own. But I am going to try and suck it up and I will enjoy this seeing my baby in such a different form. Not to mention that I get to find out for sure if we are having a girl or not.

Speaking of a girl, I know I told you all before that we decided on Carly Mae as a name for our baby girl but I started thinking (I do that alot remember?) Well I started looking at our names as a family... We have David, Kathy, Devin, Brooke & Kara. Do you see a pattern here? I did right away, there are 2 D's, 2 K's so why not have 2 B's. So we started thinking about a back up name and came up with Bailey Mae. I personally like both so I am not yet sure which one I like more. What do you think?

Well its time for me to go and deal with this heat and tend to my kiddos

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!!!


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