Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend update

Okay so I missed Fighting the Fat Friday. But not on purpose, believe me I also missed Brooke's parent teacher conferance as well. I had a bad headache Friday and it was stormy and I was tired and I just didn't feel like doing anything! Honestly I forgot to blog about Fighting the Fat, not like I've done anything lately I did take the girls to the park last week but that was about all the activity, I feel horrible for missing Brookes conferance but the Hubby worked late and I completely forgot that we even had it scheduled until Saturday morning. My headache lasted all weekend! Yesterday it was so bad that any movement or noise sent my head spinning. We finally went to the ER last night because I just couldn't take it anymore my head was hurting so bad and I was nauseous. My mother was worried that purhaps I was dehydrated again, my though fell on blood pressure (which I have never had a high pressure unless I was dehydrated). But once we got to the hossy, they checked everything.... No dehydration, blood pressure was fine, baby looked good, so what in the heck! The nurse informed me and the Hubby that with the weather changing so much lately that pollen is at its highest and people that don't normally experience sinus problems are having issues, so maybe purhaps that is what I am having issues with. The On call Doc had her give me some tylonal with coden and a cup of water to suck down, and thankfully to my relief the headache went away! I was so happy to see it go! She suggested taking tylonal and drinking some coke (except this is a pepsi family so that will have to do). So this morning when I woke up and my headache was back I took some tylonal and sudafed (which they said was okay), and my headahce went away. So I think I have figured out how to get this headache crap under control ( I hope). Today I have my eye appointment to get some new contacts, and I think I will stop by the chiropractors afterwards to make sure that is not my problem.
Our weekend went well for the most part. The Hubby had to work, and I was so stressed by the kiddos (not to mention the horrible headache I still had). My grandma came and picked up 1 and 2 which was a sweet relief from all the fighting they had been doing that day. Me and 3 went shopping to buy mommy some new tank tops and the cutest sundress. The rest of the day went pretty well and then Sunday we went and visited the mother & father in law and other then my horrible headache the day wasn't to bad.
Today I hope to actually get out and get some grocery shopping done.
I must go get ready for my eye appointment...Maybe I'll be back later, maybe I won't....

Have a Great Day!

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