Friday, May 21, 2010

Can I brag a bit about my Hubby?

I know you remember yesterday I posted about the Hubby getting a promotion and becoming a Foreman?! Did I tell you how Excited and Proud of him I am? I really truly am. He is a hard worker and I know he is! Before he started working for this current company that he works for, he was in a basically dead end job. The Company that he was working for just didn't appreciate the things he did for them and never recognized all that he had done, they are that way with their employees (I should know I worked for them as well). But when my dad pulled some strings and got him into this new company, things started looking up and right away he was appreciated! Within months the big bosses were talking about what a great worker he was and how he would be there for a long time. It showed to since he was only and apprentice at the time and for almost 4 years (I believe) he was never layed off! He became a Journeyman this past October and even before he became a journeyman they had let him run a job (which is basically unheard of), Yeah it wasn't a big job but that's not the point. They have talked about him being the future (they wish all their new apprentices and newer journeyman worked like him). They've talked for some time now about making him a Foreman but with work being slow and already having so many Foreman it wasn't the right time, up until now at least. He starts running his first "big" job on Monday! He is doing a wonderful job and he is so excited to get his Foreman truck. A bit of a funny story about how good of a work my Hubby is.... The job he was just currently on, they pulled him from so that he can get ready to run the job that he is now on. Do you know how many men they sent to replace the hubby? 4! yeah that's right, they sent 4 guys to replace my husband! Obviously they believe he is a hard worker, you think?
Thanks for letting me brag a bit about the Husband! I Love him so much and I am so Proud of him!

Oh I forgot to mention, yesterday I asked what I should do for him for fathers day. Well I figured out what to get him. I went to and got him a Master Car Care Collection kit for cleaning his Trucks. I know its a bit expensive (if you clicked on the link and looked) but it will probably be part of his Birthday present as well since it is so expensive but I wanted to get him something nice that I knew he would love. And he does, okay so I am bad at keeping secrets and he kinda guessed already what he was getting and I gave it away. I think I will probably still have the kiddo's make him something (not sure what yet).

Have a Wonderful Day!

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