Thursday, May 13, 2010

Can I complain about my kids for a minute?

I've been in a mood the last few days. I'm not sure why I have just been in a mood.
My kids are constantly getting on my nerves and its not even their fault, okay maybe its partially their fault since they are being annoying and whining A LOT, but right now just being around them aggravates the hell out of me.
Kara has been sick with a cold, so that hasn't helped any. The other night I was so tired I went to bed early and of course guess what happens? Brooke wakes up at 3 o'clock in the morning whining and bitching that she doesn't want to sleep in her bed because it gives her nightmares and that she wants to sleep with someone else. I didn't want her doing that because its not fair to Devin, because Devin doesn't always get to sleep with someone and the only person they can usually sleep with is my parents because we just don't have the room in our queen size bed and my growing belly (they kick to much). So I tried to get her to stay in her bed, I even layed with her for a while and it still didn't work! and of course she ended up waking Kara up with her loud whining and crying because she couldn't sleep with someone. Eventually at about 5 am my dad told her to go sleep with my mom and I gave in a let Kara watch some early morning Nick Jr, But I need to get some sleep I was tired!
I've been waking up with headaches lately too probably because I have been most likely clenching my jaw at night when I sleep from feeling stressed out, and having bad dreams (mostly stupid dreams).
Does anyone have any advice on how to get a 4 year old to stop whining about every little thing and every time you tell her no? I don't know why she does it because its not like we let her get her way all the time (believe me we don't) so she isn't so spoiled that she is not use to being told no. But no matter what you say half the time she starts whining and crying!
Oh and any advice on how to get a almost 7 year old to stop her damn fit throwing when its time for homework? She sits there and gets so mad when you try and tell what to do (and were not being mean about it) she asks for help and we try to help her and she gets mad because she knows everything and we have no clue what we are talking about (or so she thinks). We try to keep her calm about it but she freaks out and starts stomping her feet and getting mad, slamming her pencil on the table and getting loud with us. Its so damn frustrating for anyone to help her with her homework.
2 nights ago for instance she was being a complete brat about her homework (okay the last few days she has been a complete brat about doing her homework), she needed help, mainly she wanted us to do it for her (which is what she always wants us to do), but she'll never learn anything unless she does it herself. So... we told her what she needed to do to get it done and she throws a massive tantrum saying she has no clue what to do or how to do it (even though we just got done telling her what to do and how to do it). My mom finally got mad and told Devin that she was going to throw her homework away and Devin can get a F (which Devin would never let happen) but of course as soon as we give her home work back she starts freaking out again. She always tries to find ways to get people to actually do her homework for her. We know she doesn't act like this in school when it comes time to do school work (her teacher says she does great in school), But we still can't figure out why in the world she freaks out when its time to do homework at home?
So basically you see my 2 oldest have been driving me nuts lately! I just don't know what is going on with them?
Last night we went to Devin's school for her 1st grade music performance (which believe me we almost didn't go because of the way the kids were acting), she did good! She even behaved well in her school but of course as soon as we got in the car she started whining because we wouldn't let her have Jimmy Johns for Dinner, (it was pizza night), then she started whining because I wouldn't bring her McDonald's to school for lunch! I mean COME ON! Why is that even an argument that we are having? Why in the world?! I just don't know......
I'm at my wits end with Devin anymore, its like she just wants to aggravate the hell out of me everyday! Brooke's whining I can somewhat handle because I can just send her to her room, and she'll stop the whining and crying real soon. But if you send Devin to her room she screams louder and louder and louder, it never ends! Kara is starting to act up a lot to lately, she is getting into EVERYTHING! she is hitting her sisters and climbing on the kitchen table. The house is for the most part child proofed but there is only so much we can do, and she ends up getting into the rest. I swear all I do all day long is say (or yell) No, Stop, Get out of there, Don't do that, Stop hitting, Sit down, Get down and the list goes on.....
I know maybe because I am a hormonal preggo that might be why I am getting mad so fast but I know its not just me, everyone else in the house is getting aggravated with the girls.
Does anyone out there have perfect angels? I'll trade ya! Just playing I love my kids I really do, they are just getting on my stinking nerves right now and I wish they would just stop for 1 day even, just give me one day were all of them are well behaved and not a handful. You know they weren't always like that either.... But some people who will remain nameless spoiled the hell out of them after the hubby and I told people we did not want it to happen. Why is that people think that oh if I only do it once in a while it won't cause any harm. But guess what even if its once a week or less, it still impacts them and they act like brats! We told them to stop and a few of them did but some people think oh its a special treat for them to get there every wish some times it won't do anything. Guess what IT DOES!!! Then after they let the kids get there way for so long, they get aggravated with them and wonder why my kids are acting so bratty? Well guess what its because you didn't listen to me and let them get there way all the time and now no only do you have to deal with the consequences but so does everyone else that comes in contact with them! Now I have to find a way to reverse the damages of spoiling, and how in the hell do you do that? I've tried just sitting down and talking to my kids about thier behavior but it doesn't seem to sink in.....
Have I bored you enough? I guess I will just have to think of some way to get them to behave better so that we aren't always mad at eachother (trust me they are mad at me alot lately too).

Have a Great Day!

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