Friday, May 14, 2010

Fighting the Fat Friday

Wow its Friday already? How have you been doing? Guess what? I haven't done Shit! I planned on starting my walking back up this week but of course its been raining all stinking week, today is actually the first day it hasn't rained. Maybe I will actually get to go for a walk today. Even Brooke has been bothering me about going for a bike ride, since when I go for my walk the girls ride their bikes because they can't handle all that walking without getting to tired.

(side note: Maybe thats why my kids have been getting on my nerves because they have been stuck in the house for a week)

Obviously today isn't going to be a long post, because well like I said I haven't been doing anything. I'm telling you ever since I went to the hospital with the contractions and dehydration I have been so parinoid about the contractions starting back up. I guess I need to just get over that for now huh?

Well hopefully I will have some better updates next week for ya'll maybe I will be back on track, lets hope right? I got my fingers crossed!

Have a Great Day!

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