Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend and much more....

How was your weekend? Mine for the most part was pretty uneventful.... Friday I went to my Mother-in-Laws and picked up 2 of her little kitties that she was trying to get rid of, so I could try and find a home for them. Of course though looking at those precious little kitties who's names were Kevin and Spots (which we changed to Patrick), we didn't really want to give them up but unfortunately there was no way we were going to be able to keep them as we had 3 cats and 3 dogs (not to mention the 3 kids we already have and the one on the way) So the Kitty's were only visiting for the weekend. Saturday I was stuck at home (in a bad mood) by myself with Kara. My mom and Dad took Devin and Brooke to Grandma Rose's to visit, and the Hubby went to his fathers to work on his old truck, leaving me and Kara home alone. For some reason Kara decided to be the biggest pain in the butt on Saturday and was getting into everything that she knew she wasn't suppose to be getting into. So of course my bad mood got worse! Once everyone got back home the neighbors came over for a bon fire and the neighborhood kids decided to take the kittens for a walk and see if they could find a new home for them. To my surprise, they found a home for Kevin on their first stop (to the next door neighbors house). I was excited to see Kevin have a new home but was sad because he was so lovable and became my favorite! But that still left Patrick with no home, and Sunday we took him back to the in-Laws because we couldn't find him a home. He was happy to see his mommy as she was happy to him as well. So who knows, maybe my Father-in-Law will change his mind and let Patrick stay. We visited with the in-Laws and some of our Friends (Jeff & Nikki) came over to visit as well and we hung out while our kiddos (Kara and Kaylee) played with each other. I think Kara was amazed to see a baby younger then herself. Most "babies" she sees are all older then she is. She did really well with Kaylee though (who is 8 months old), I hope that they will be good freinds when they get older! Oh did I mention we found a huge splinter in Kara's finger Sunday? It must have been there for a few days because it was infected and looked horrible. It took me and my dad holding her down for my mom to get the splinter out! My poor baby was in so much pain! I felt so sorry for her, she looked and me and my mom like we were the devil! She cried for a while (which of course I don't blame her) but it was scary when she would scream so loud and make herself gag. But we got it out and gave her some Ibuprofen for the pain.

Kara had her 18 month check up yesterday and it went pretty well.... For the most part. The doctor looked at her finger and said it looked good! It no longer looked infected, to just continue putting neosporin on it and cleaning it a few times a day. That's a relief that its fine, I was worried with as bad as it looked before we took the splinter out. Over all Kara looked good and her appointment went well. She weighs 23.9lbs (but for some reason they put 24lbs on her chart) she is in the 42nd % for weight, She is 33 1/4 in tall or 90% for height (yeah shes got some long legs) and she has a big noggin at 47.1cm (66%). Maybe that big head is holding a big brain (no wonder she picks things up so quickly, except for when it comes to getting into things she knows she should be in). The doctor noticed as she was doing her exam that Kara had some bumps on her legs and that's when I piped up and asked what they heck they were because she had them on her arms to and Brooke also has them on her arms, legs and torso. Well I guess its a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris , Its a hereditary skin condition that cause bumps on the body that look like goosebumps, I guess there are worse forms of it that can be irritating and red but luckily for Kara and Brooke they just have flesh colored bumps that don't cause irritation. There is a lotion that the girls can use called Lac Hydrin but unfortunately Kara can not use it till she is 2 (not quite sure why about that one but I will be waiting to use it on her). Hopefully we don't have to many issues with it this summer because I notice when she is out in the sun on a hot day, the bumps get worse and spread, she still doesn't notice them but they spread. Its good to know that its nothing serious though.
After her appointment we went shopping were else but Target (hey her doctors is in the same area its hard not to go to the doctors and not hit Target afterwards). I tried to control my spending but hey I love Target! So we bought a bunch of stuff, then it was off to payless to get Kara a new pair of sandals since the little turd lost her other pair (who knows how since she lost them in the house and we can not find them any where!) I let her choose the pair and the very first pair she went for were princess light up flip flops! remember Kara is only 18 months. But she didn't want any other shoes so that's what I bought her (and another pair of sandals that she will wear more often). Hey sometimes I let my kiddos splurge if they want a pair of shoes that are more for play then for purpose sometimes I allow it. She actually walks in them pretty well though! I'm a bit surprised.
Today I am tired and don't feel like doing anything.... So I think today I will just relax (like I don't do it every other day) Hopefully Kara doesn't get into to much the rest of the day (since she has been into EVERYTHING this morning!

Have a Great Day!

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Alyssa said...

Hey, Catrina. Well, your weekend was better than mine! I followed your link to wikipedia and it said that milk baths may be helpful because of the lactic acid...sounds rather luxurious, actually. Cute story about the kitties...sorry you couldn't keep one, but sounds like they're happy.

My daughter doesn't hide her shoes, but hides her socks. She hates wearing them....and, honest, they "disappear". Don't want to alarm you; maybe Kara will outgrow it. For your sake, I hope so!

Glad everything elsel is "okay"!!!